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How to work online and travel the World


A guide for location independent workers – It details how to prepare before starting your work and travel trip, how to settle into a destination, and how to remain productive while producing top quality work.

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Do you have an online skill and want to take your business around the world, visit amazing destinations, and have a work-life balance that a 9-5 office worker can only dream of? Then this guide will explain exactly how you can do it.

The first part of the guide details all the important steps about how to get yourself prepared before departure, from preparing your clients to organising your new virtual office. Being ready for your work and travel trip is crucial to your success.

We will then cover all the aspects of getting settled in a new destination, including tips on what you should be doing in your first two weeks and how to arrange the perfect short and long term accommodation.

The third part is all about getting work done while achieving enjoying a good work-life balance. Taking the big decision to work and travel should mean that you have the time to explore new hobbies such as kite-surfing or hiking. The guide explains how to remain productive, how to keep your clients happy, how to find the best places to work, while maintaining an exciting and productive work-life balance.

With this guide you should feel far more comfortable about what will await you when you begin your work and travel adventure. Knowing how to be prepared before your trip, how to be organised in a new destination, and how to remain productive and produce top-quality work for your clients, will go a long way in helping you to become a successful location-independent worker.

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