Nomad Entrepreneur Summit

June 01 - June 05. Free online conference 
for digital nomads, freelancers and online entrepreneurs

The world is opening up and now is the best time to set on the road to geographical and financial freedom.

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June 1st  |  June 2nd  |  June 3rd  |  June 4th  |  June 5th

June 1st - Welcome to the Future of Work & Travel

Johannes Völkner

Bye Bye Homeoffice! Welcome to the Future of Work & Travel

Johannes, the founder of Nomad Cruise and a nomad himself for more than 10 years will share his vision on the future of work and travel.

18:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
09:00 SFO  |  12:00 NYC  |  00:00 BALI

Orest Zub

How I Visited 126 Countries While Working from My Laptop

Learn the best tips and tricks to work online while traveling the world from Ukrainian travel blogger and Youtuber Orest Zub.

18:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
09:30 SFO  |  12:30 NYC  |  00:30 BALI

Pantelis Zirinis

Does It Have to Be Digital? How to Build and Run a Traditional Business Remotely

Find out how Pantelis Zirinis automized his restaurant business in London so that he can run it remotely from a sailboat.

19:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
10:00 SFO  |  13:00 NYC  |  01:00 BALI

Chantal Patton

How to Work and Travel as a Family

Chantal Patton from Growing Up Without Borders will share her experience about visiting over 100 countries with her husband and 3 daughters while running an online business.

19:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
10:30 SFO  |  13:30 NYC  |  01:30 BALI

Nomad Mastermind

Open Zoom Networking (1 hour)

Join a free mastermind session with other participants. Learn from each other and get support for your biggest nomad challenge.

20:15 BERLIN (GMT+2)
11:15 SFO  |  14:15 NYC  |  02:15 BALI

June 2nd - Going Remote Day

Bori Vigh

Life reDesign - How to Create a Life That Suits You!

Follow travel blogger and workshop facilitator Bori Vígh’s lead, and not only will you be able to visualize the future you want for yourself but also to prepare a step-by-step plan that’ll get you there.

18:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
09:00 SFO  |  12:00 NYC  |  00:00 BALI

Samson Vowles

How to Go from the Corporate Rat Race to Financial Freedom

Design agency owner Samson Vowles will teach you the lessons he learned on his way to reach financial freedom.

18:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
09:30 SFO  |  12:30 NYC  |  00:30 BALI

Marisa Meddin

The 7 Most Common Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads: Which One Is Right for You?

Business coach Marisa Meddin will help you identify, pursue and achieve a career and lifestyle that you truly love.

19:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
10:00 SFO  |  13:00 NYC  |  01:00 BALI

Juliana Rabbi

How to Find a Well-Paid Remote Job

Recruiter-turned-career consultant Juliana Rabbi will share zillions of valuable tips on how to land your dream remote job.

19:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
10:30 SFO  |  13:30 NYC  |  01:30 BALI

Helen Simkins

How to Start a Remote Business from Scratch

As a full time travelling creative business mentor, Helen Simkins will guide you through the steps of building your freedom based business.

20:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
11:00 SFO  |  14:00 NYC  |  02:00 BALI

Jordan Carroll

Principles of Virtual Networking

With the whole world going remote in the past year, the way we interact with each other has undergone enormous changes. Learn about the best tactics to use to make the most out of your virtual connections in this new norm from remote job coach Jordan Carroll.

20:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
11:30 SFO  |  14:30 NYC  |  02:30 BALI

Special bonus for every participant

The new Nomad Hotspots Guide for 2021

June 3rd - Solopreneur Day

Tijana Momirov

Remote Leadership for Solopreneurs

Tijana Momirov spends most of her time in the beautiful beach town of Jericoacoara advising startups from around the world on how to kick-start their businesses in a remote, agile and lean way. Join her talk and learn everything there is to know about remote team management. 

18:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
09:00 SFO  |  12:00 NYC  |  00:00 BALI

Ruth Cremer

How to Build a Profitable Remote Business

Ruth Cremer, an expert at business models and startup finance is a firm believer that numbers are sexy and will prove that good financial planning is an essential part of starting a successful business.

18:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
09:30 SFO  |  12:30 NYC  |  00:30 BALI

Björn Freimuth

How to Increase Your Online Marketing Income - by 10x

The founder of Lead Hero Björn Freimuth will talk about how to earn more money as an online marketer with a business model called lead generation. In his talk he will provide strategies and key insights to start and grow a lead gen business.

19:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
10:00 SFO  |  13:00 NYC  |  01:00 BALI

Jimmy Naraine

How to Build an Online Course to Grow Your Business

Jimmy Naraine will help you amplify your “voice” by creating world-class online courses. 230,000+ students, 34,000 official 5/5 ratings plus a Udemy Innovation Award prove he knows what works and what doesn’t in course creation.

19:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
10:30 SFO  |  13:30 NYC  |  01:30 BALI

Ania Krol

How to Get More Client Calls and Grow You Freelance Business Fast

As an online business and mindset coach, Ania Krol has mentored over 120 freelancers throughout her career on how to make more money online. In her talk, she’ll share the secret with you too!

20:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
11:00 SFO  |  14:00 NYC  |  02:00 BALI

Marcelle Bottini

How to Be Productive Anywhere Using the Enneagram

Marcelle Bottini is a specialist in the anthropological Enneagram, facilitating workshops all around the world. If you ever found it hard to stay productive on the road, Marcelle and the Enneagram are here to help you!

20:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
11:30 SFO  |  14:30 NYC  |  02:30 BALI

June 4th - Digital CEO Day

Tobias Rauscher

How to Create 6-figure Online Course Funnels That Bring in Sales on Autopilot, 24/7

Musician and entrepreneur Tobias Rauscher, whose enterprise is a 100% passive six figure online guitar academy, will be sharing his experience about the best business model he knows to generate automated income.

18:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
09:00 SFO  |  12:00 NYC  |  00:00 BALI

Anja Winter

How to Grow a Youtube Channel and Turn It into a 6 Figure Business

Anja Winter, location-independent entrepreneur and teacher-nomad with 700,000+ subscribers will help you understand the ins and outs of entertaining, engaging AND profitable content-creation.

18:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
09:30 SFO  |  12:30 NYC  |  00:30 BALI

Matteo Lombardi

How I Scaled My Amazon FBA Business by Hiring Great People from 2 to 17 Employees in 15 Months and Growing

Shortly after launching it, Matteo Lombardi’s global e-commerce business grew to €1 million a year in sales, with around €5 million in total sold goods. In his talk, he’ll detail the importance of the human factor in this great success.

19:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
10:00 SFO  |  13:00 NYC  |  01:00 BALI

Matthias Zeitler

How to Build a Nomad Hub - Learnings from Coworking Bansko

Matthias Zeitler, co-founder of Coworking Bansko will share his story about how he turned a rural mountain resort into a thriving nomad ecosystem.

19:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
10:30 SFO  |  13:30 NYC  |  01:30 BALI

Slawek Muturi

How to Reach Financial Freedom by Investing into Property While Visiting Every Country in the World

The passive income from investing in rental properties in Poland allowed Slawek Muturi to retire in May 2009 at the age of 43.5 and to visit all the 195 member states of the UN at least twice. If you want to learn more about property investment, this talk is not to be missed.

20:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
11:00 SFO  |  14:00 NYC  |  02:00 BALI

Harry Mitsidis

How Travel Drives Leadership

Harry Mitsidis, the man behind one of the world's top systematic travel clubs achieved his aim of visiting every country in the world by the age of 36. In his talk he’ll explain the different ways travel makes you a better person.

20:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
11:30 SFO  |  14:30 NYC  |  02:30 BALI

June 5th - Nomad Entrepreneurs Life and Challenges

Suzanne Van Der Veeken

Conscious Nomadic Sailboat and Van Life

Suzanne Van Der Veeken, author of Ocean Nomad and founder of Oceanpreneur and the Ocean Nomads community shares about her nomadic, ocean conscious, simple and adventurous lifestyle on sailboats and in her camper van. The why, the how and how you can live this way too.

11:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
02:00 SFO  |  05:00 NYC  |  17:00 BALI

Sherina Shamdasani

Embracing Loneliness as a Digital Nomad

Sherina Shamdasani is a licensed clinical psychologist and a personal development & transformational coach. She knows well that nomad life can get lonely at times, but she also knows how to turn this feeling to your advantage.

11:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
02:30 SFO  |  05:30 NYC  |  17:30 BALI

Rosanna Lopes

How to Sustain Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Rosanna Lopes, the person behind one of the most active, committed and cohesive local communities, the Lisbon Nomad Community and long term nomad will be giving you her best tips and tricks on how to maintain your nomad life.

12:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
03:00 SFO  |  06:00 NYC  |  18:00 BALI

Johnny Jen

How to Achieve FIRE as a Digital Nomad - Financial Independence. Early Retirement

As a location independent entrepreneur, Johnny Jen has been earning over six figures each year while traveling the world and has visited over 50 countries. Join his talk to learn how you can do this as well.

12:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
03:30 SFO  |  06:30 NYC  |  18:30 BALI

Stella Romana Airoldi

How to Make a Difference as a Nomad

Stella Airoldi runs 22Stars, a social impact enterprise in Uganda that provides sponsorship for the education of more than 200 children. She’ll talk about building effective social ventures while avoiding several mistakes often made when working in development aid.

13:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
04:00 SFO  |  07:00 NYC  |  19:00 BALI

GW Curtin

Flipping Fear - Stories from the Road

GW Curtin, founder of Inkside Out Apparel and coach to many entrepreneurs and digital nomads has lived and worked on four continents and made 22 cities his home. That’s a lot of start-overs! If you’re afraid of pursuing your dreams or doing something important, join his talk for tips on how to use your fear to your advantage.

13:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
04:30 SFO  |  07:30 NYC  |  19:30 BALI

Jo Eyre

Digital Nomads in a Virtual World: What’s the Future of Collaboration in the Metaverse?

Jo Eyre is a marketing and communications expert, whose research focuses on creative collaboration in extended reality environments. Effective teamwork between members over multiple continents is a topic you shouldn’t miss if you (plan to) work remotely!

14:00 BERLIN (GMT+2)
05:00 SFO  |  08:00 NYC  |  20:00 BALI

Johannes & Orest

Closing Talk

Meet the organizers of the Summit and learn about what they're planning next! 

14:30 BERLIN (GMT+2)
05:30 SFO  |  08:30 NYC  |  20:30 BALI

Special Events

Global Mastermind

Join entrepreneurs from around the world for a live mastermind session.

Nomad Panel

Join a live discussion with Nomads from Bali, Mexico and other beautiful destination.

Meet the Organizers

Orest zub

Nomad Entrepreneur, traveller, blogger, author

Travelled 126 countries while building his business.
Ambassador of Lviv, Ukraine

johannes vOElkner

Founder of Nomad Cruise

Founder of Nomad Cruise and Global Digital Nomad Network.

Digital Nomad since 2010.

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