UPDATE: Due to the enormous success of the Nomad Cruise we’ve decided to close the Workation Camp and focus on organizing more cruises.

Is Tarifa still a good place to go? Of course! Simply connect to other Nomads by joining the Tarif Digital Nomads Group on Facebook and check out the Tarifa Nomad Guide including the most important info.

Community and Coworking Space for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

Do you want to move your office to the beach? Join us in Tarifa. The small beautiful beach town on the most Southern Tip of Spain is the perfect place to take a workation (work + vacation).
Learn more about Tarifa in the Tarifa Digital Nomad Guide.


Network and share an amazing time with other remote workers, digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs.

Coworking Space

Don’t want to work from home or cafes? Join us at the coworking space with comfy chairs, fast internet and free coffee.

Tarifa Guide

Learn about the best Wi-Fi cafes, accommodation, activities and everything else you need to know about Tarifa.

Connect to digital nomads & remote workers who (want to) live in Tarifa

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Online Community
Connect to nomads & remote workers in our Facebook group.

Meet Offline
Join us for meet-ups, talks and activities in Tarifa.

We answer all your questions before you get here

Don’t want to work from home or cafes? Use our coworking space.


Coworking Space

  • Fast internet
  • Comfy chairs
  • Skyperoom
  • Free coffee
  • Aircondition
  • Central location

Coworking Rates




 € 15


 € 70


 € 180

All prices listed incl. VAT


The TWC coworking space is situated in the center of Tarifa. We are 3 minutes walk from the beach and the old town.

It’s the perfect place for you, if you’re looking for a productive work environment and want to share your lunch breaks with other remote workers.

Oh, and before we forget. We offer free rental of our beach volleyball set, surfboard and have a frisbee too ;-).

Find out why Digital Nomads & Remote Workers love workations in Tarifa.

  • The Tarifa workation was great. I learnt a lot from everyone, and even managed to pick up a few new clients. The town itself is a really nice place to work, with lots of nice cafes and bars and so many cool things to do in your freetime. I’ll come again and will defenitley learn kite surfing next time..

    Shaun Taberer
    Shaun Taberer Copywirter and CRO specialist | England
  • The workation was a perfect combination of work and play. First, I fell in love with the sport of kitesurfing, something I never thought I would learn and after 4 days I was actually kiting on my own. Second, I got to meet other like minded entreprenuers, exchange ideas, bounce ideas off each other and just have a good time. It was the perfect combo of vacation while actually doing work and getting inspired to do more.

    Vincenzo Villamea
    Vincenzo Villamea Onlinetaxman.com | USA
  • It was great to be part of the Tarifa Workation in November. Really loved the experience and will definitely come again! It was a pleasure to meet other local independent entrepreneurs and i learned a lot about remote working and how to organize my days more efficient. Cool business meet-ups and a lot of new friendships as well.  

    Tobias Hoenemann
    Tobias Hoenemann PPC Marketer | Germany
  • I was really curious about the first workation – and in the end it was really worth it. I met some really interesting people and gained some valuable insights on how other people organize their digital work life. I also had the opportunity to explore the beautiful surrounding area.

    Dinko Verži
    Dinko Verži Digital Design | Germany
  • During the Tarifa workation I worked on some projects that needed concentration and creativity. Being in this great spot with the opportunity to co-work was just perfect for that. I got loads of work done but still had plenty of time to do fun stuff, such as taking a trip to Morocco. I found that the workation had a good balance between being free to make my own plans and connecting with others when I wanted. I would definitely recommend it!

    Angelique Slob
    Angelique Slob Online Consulting | Netherlands
  • I enjoyed working in Tarifa, meeting like-minded people and exploring the charming little town. Will come visit again!

    Anette Nenner
    Anette Nenner Online Translations | Germany
  • In the two weeks in Tarifa, I’ve found loads of inspiration for my work and the journey I’m planning to take it, met the friendliest local people and had great times with entrepreneurs who love sharing their stories and tips. This mix of the people and the location makes for the perfect atmosphere to get work done while enjoying the travellers lifestyle.

    Matthias de Vylder
    Matthias de Vylder Graphic Designer | Belgium
  • The Tarifa Workation was my first digital nomad experience and it was definitely worth it. What I enjoyed most was meeting so many new people and having inspiring conversations with them. Besides, Tarifa is a charming spot at the end of Europe where life has it's own pace and it's impossible not to grow fond of it immediately

    Hana Minarčíková
    Hana Minarčíková Online Translations | Czech Republic
  • It’s been the first time I joined a workation, and I can highly recommend it. Johannes and Elmer did a great job organizing the event, planning workshops, mastermind sessions, after work activities, and creating a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere. I will definitely repeat, thanks guys!

    Alessia Corona
    Alessia Corona SEM Consultant
  • My workation in Tarifa in few words: I learned to kite surf, I danced flamenco for the first time, I walked between the sea and the ocean. I got inspired. I met new amazing likeminded people that now I call friends. We worked watching at the ocean most of the time, we learned new things, we had fun, we shared points of view on life and work. Living, working and felling happy seems easy in this place and, after all, it is.

    Francesca Michetti
    Francesca Michetti Startup Consultant, Italy
  • The Workation was more than working together, with synergy, exchanging tips and competences: it was CoLiving with great like-minded people experiencing together a changing perspective on work-life balance. In one word it was , in many ways, just "inspiring". Tarifa definitely has the potential to be one of the next centers for digital nomads in Europe.

    Ale Vaccari
    Ale Vaccari Motion Graphic Designer
  • The Workation is a great way to meet like minded people. All the different activities, including kiting, makes you bond quickly and share experiences. It's nice to know that you are not the only lone nut. At least not all the time! Highly recommended!

    Lodi Planting
    Lodi Planting Webdesign & Consulting |Netherlands
  • Tarifa was an incredible experience. I loved the open-minded spirit within the group and it was great to see how many different ways there are for working and living. I can totally recommend the Tarifa workation to everyone who is working location-independent or who wants to get into it.

    Jonas Breuer
    Jonas Breuer Programmer | Germany
  • To be fair, I wasn´t even sure where Tarifa is before I went there – turns out, it´s one of the most laid back places I´ve been to in Europe. Mediterranean, atlantic ocean and Africa just around the corner – Tarifa´s got it all, plus amazing cafés, and a very cool kitesurfer/digital nomad scene. The masterminds and keynotes of the workation gave me amazing input for my sexy blog Lvstprinzip and I can´t wait to come back soon!

    Theresa Lachner
    Theresa Lachner Journalist|Germany

Read the guide to find out how to get things done and have an amazing time in Tarifa.


Accommodation Advice
Learn about good accommodation options for remote workers.

Getting things done
Find out about the best Wi-Fi cafes and internet in Tarifa.

Things to do after work
Kiting, surfing, yoga, whale watching, day trips. It’s all in the guide.

How to get there
Everything you need to know to get to Tarifa.

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