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Hi, I’m Johannes, an online marketer and digital nomad from Germany. Good to see you here! I started this site back in 2011, when I wrote the first destination guide for digital nomads. A lot of exciting things happened since then and you can learn more about me here.

Is the ticket price tax deductible?

The Tarifa workation is a business and networking event. Therefore the cost of the ticket is tax deductible in most European countries!

How can I get to Tarifa?

Getting to Tarifa is very easy. Simply take a plane to Malaga, Jerez de la Frontera, or Gibraltar.

You’ll find the best deals (starting at around €50 from anywhere in Europe) with one of the following budget airlines.


The best airport to fly to is Malaga. When you exit the airport you’ll see a ticket booth where you can by your bus ticket (around €15). You can either take a bus that goes directly to Tarifa or to Algeciras. Once you are in Algeciras you take another 30 minute ride to Tarifa (leaves around every 30 minutes).

Another great option to get here is to get a rental car right at Malaga Airport. You’ll usually find the best deals (3-6 € per day!!) on Try to book at least 5 days in advance to get a good deal!

Even though you can walk pretty much anywhere in Tarifa I would recommend you to get a rental car because it makes exploration of the surrounding towns around Tarifa much easier.

What’s the cost of living in Tarifa?

Living in Tarifa can be cheap in low season. Prices for accommodation start from 10 € a night and eating out for dinner will cost you around 8 €. If you prefer to cook for yourself simply head to one of the supermarkets where you can buy everything you need for around 8 €.

Do I need to know Spanish to join the workation?

No. While a smattering of the local language certainly helps and you’ll be fine getting around Tarifa without Spanish. Most locals who work in restaurants and hotels speak English and can help you out but we recommend to learn a few basics or take a language course here in Tarifa.

Where can I book my accommodation for the workation?

We’ll recommend accommodation so you can stay with other participants but can also point you to the best Airbnb apartments in town or help you to find a longterm apartment.

What is the best day of the week to arrive in Tarifa?

Each offical workation week starts on a Monday and that’s also the day when we do our walking tour and show you around. You’re more than welcome to arrive for the weekend though. There’s a great concert happening at a beach bar each Friday and a great chance to meet up for the first time with other participants.

Will I have enough time to work on my own projects?

The main goal of the workation camp is to facilitate an environment that makes it very easy for you to get work done, meet great people, network and have an amazing time. This means that there is no 24/7 program, so you have enough freedom to work on your projects and only meet up with other participants when you like. We believe, however, that you shouldn’t bring more than 20 hours of work along with you, so that you have enough time to take part in activities and explore Andalusia with the other participants.

Is there a program in the evenings?

Tarifa is small and being there with a big group means you’ll always meet some familiar faces when you’re heading into town for some drinks. While there is not official program in the evenings, there’ll be loads of opportunities to go out for dinner and meet-up with other participants at the central square where everyone goes at night!

There are also free concerts in different venues almost every night and we’ll tell you exactly what’s happening where and when, so you can meet-up.

Where can I learn more about Tarifa?

Check out the Adventure Travel Guide of Tarifa from my friend Suzanne for loads more helpful info about Tarifa.

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