Hi, I’m Johannes an Online Marketer from Germany. I‘ve been working, travelling, and kitesurfing around the world since 2010 and there’s one thing that has really surprised me: Eventhough this is an amazing lifestyle, only very few people take advantage of it, or they fail to stay productive.

So I decided to start this site. The blog, and even more so the premium guides, will show you how to do it! Got any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Reasons why you should travel the world while working online

Live in paradise
1Ever wanted to spend a few months on a paradise island? It doesn’t have to be a vacation – it can be your reality. And you could do it right now. You’ll find many islands with the right infrastructure for you in the guide.
Do things you love
2Can’t take part in the activities you love at home? Why not spend more time in places where you can? If you want to learn to surf, paraglide, or kite surf go to the best spots in the world. You’ll find an activity overview for each destination in the guide.
Work less
3Taking an online business around the world is not all about work. Life is cheaper if you choose the right destinations. You can work less to achieve the same quality of life. You can live well in Bali for a fraction of the price you’d pay in Oslo, Munich or Tokyo.
Discover the world
4Ever wanted to visit the ruins of Angkor Wat, gape at the Balinese temples or climb up to Machu Pichu but you’ve never had the time? If you run your online business from somewhere close by you could visit on the weekend.

Just think about all the amazing places that you could run your office from!

Some interesting articles about working & travelling


  • 70 awesome work and travel destinations from all over the world
  • Learn how to travel while working online
  • Discover where to work (the best co-working spaces and WI-FI cafes to work from)
  • Explore the best activities in each destination to make the most of your free time (Surfing, Kite surfing, Language schools etc.)
  • Get detailed cost of living info for every destination
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