Boracay is an award-winning island paradise, perfect for couples and backpackers seeking stunning beaches, reliable facilities, scuba diving or one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Asia.

Situated about an hour´s flight from Manila in the Philippines, Boracay´s beaches rival its Asian counterparts’ and provide an exciting and cheap alternative to the Caribbean.

Digital Nomads come here to enjoy the fantastic island life and immerse themselves in the myriad water pursuits the island has to offer, finishing their days with long evenings socialising in the island´s vibrant restaurants, clubs and bars. It is a true work from anywhere dream destination!

Things to see and do in Boracay

White Beach is a 4km stretch of fine white sand and is the commercial center of the island. Divided into three “Stations”, Station One is home to the luxury hotels and resorts, Section Two is where all the shopping, partying and eating go on, and Station Three is the least developed and the travelers’ favourite for low-priced accommodation.

Kite enthusiasts are drawn from all corners of the globe to sample Boracay´s world-class boarding. The action is centered at Bulabog Beach, a short walk from White Beach on the other side of the island. The wind blows constantly here from November through to April. There are plenty of kite schools located on the beach offering courses from beginning to advanced and all instructors are IKO-certified.

The Philippines are a major favourite amongst scuba divers of all levels. White Beach is home to a number of dive centers, all of whose prices are the same, to save you shopping around. There are around 30 dive sites within the immediate vicinity of the beach, ranging from gentle 10m dives to complicated wall dives for experienced divers such as the Yapak where it is fairly common to see sharks and stingrays.

A 30-minute organised trip to Ariel´s Point from Station 1 is well worth the trouble. Here you can try your hand at cliff diving and snorkelling and explore the volcanic caves, mangrove forests and deserted beaches in the company of fellow travelers.

Boracay has a surprisingly international range of options for eating and there are plenty of bakeries selling pastries and snacks throughout the day.

Nightlife is lively and varied with a good many establishments open well into the early hours to the delight of the island´s revellers. If you want to get away from the mass tourism nightlife make sure you check out what’s happening at Jungle Bar on the other side of the island close to Bulabog beach. Every driver will be able to take you there.

Internet and Accomodation advice for Boracay

Accommodation varies and is busy at peak times but there is usually plenty of choice. An alternative to White Beach is to stay at Bulabog, a tempting and sometimes even cheaper option for kite enthusiasts. When looking for accommodation make sure you negotiate weekly/monthly rates and check their Internet connection speeds before you commit.

If you are looking for an extremely fast and reliable Internet access on the island check out the Cyber Café on the main beach close to Station 2.

You may become irritated with the many vendors touting their products to you seemingly 24-hours a day, wherever you are but on the whole being a traveler on Boracay is peaceful, safe and a delicious break from reality.