Learn how to work while traveling to beautiful places around the world

Work is no longer a place. Thanks to the internet you can live as a digital nomad and get all the the skills you need to work online while traveling the world


On this site you can find out everything you need to get started and live and work from anywhere you want. Enjoy the journey ;-)


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travel guide

  • 60 amazing low budget destinations for nomads
  • Islands, adventure towns & backpacker favourites
  • Wi-Fi cafes, coworking spaces and activities
  • Over 156 pages + bonus “How to work and Travel guide”

travel community

  • Nomad Facebook group with 6000 members
  • Connect to nomads and learn to work & travel
  • Meet offline in beautiful places
  • Offical Meet-Ups: Tarifa, Nomad Cruise, New Years in Rio

Featured Project

Cross the Atlantic Ocean together with 200 digital nomads and entrepreneurs.