Sihanoukville, or Snooky as it is affectionately called by those in the know, is an excellent option for Digital Nomads seeking a cheaper and less well-travelled to Thailand. Nestled on the coast of Cambodia, this stunning seaside town is not as crowded as many of its Thai counterparts and is a great option for some rest and relaxation. Come to Sihanoukville to immerse yourself in the expansive white sands and cobalt blue waters, peppered with lush greenery and undeveloped tropical islands.

Things to see and do in Sihanoukville

If you are a scuba diving fan, Sihanoukville is the place for you. The many islands off the coast are home to a plethora of coral and fish, all waiting to be discovered. The town´s thriving port area is the departure point for all of Cambodia´s dive boats and there are four PADI dive centers located in the port itself. There is plenty of diving available within a day trip with the main sites at Ko Rong Samloem, 14 miles off shore, and some shallow diving at Ko Tas available a little closer to the port. For divers with some experience it is well worth taking the overnight trip to Ko Tang Island, 35 miles from Sihanoukville, where the visibility in the crystal waters is double what you will find at the closer sites. Snorkeling and game fishing trips are also available and for an alternative taste of Cambodian culture, several of the dive schools offer overnight trips that combine diving with a visit to experience the traditional way of life in a Khmer fishing village.

Back in town, a string of beaches line the western flank of the city from North to South, from Victory, Lamherkay, Ko Pos and Independence to Sokha, Serendipity, Ochheuteal and Otres.

All provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying a cold bottle of Angkor, the Cambodian national beer that is brewed in the town. All the beaches, especially Ochheuteal, are well stocked with food stalls and restaurants serving snacks of grilled meats, fish and seafood.

Sihanoukville has a surprisingly diverse selection of bars and restaurants that cater well for the Digital Nomad´s budget and combine a variety of local and international cuisine.  Accommodation ranges from basic guesthouses on the beach to four-star resorts including the town´s first 100% gay boutique hotel, restaurant and bar. Pre-booking is recommended to guarantee you won´t be disappointed at busy times. Many of the guesthouses and hotels have internet access and more and more are offering free Wi-Fi as part of their package.

Good to know

Getting around in Sihanoukville is easy. Although the beaches are a little too spread out to be fully accessible on foot you can move about very easily using one of the bike taxis that feature in abundance. Standard price is $1 and they will usually be happy to pile on an extra body and luggage for no extra cost.

Medical services here are basic with the best services on offer at the CT Clinic. This is the only clinic that is trusted by the expat population that lives in Sihanoukville. Avoid the public hospital at all costs!

All in all though, for Digital Nomads looking for a base to work, explore and enjoy some fun and relaxation in and out of the water, Sihanoukville certainly ticks plenty of boxes.