Modern technology is enabling us to do things we always dreamed of. Who hasn’t nurtured secret fantasies of saving up, packing their bags, grabbing their passport and heading off into the great unknown? If you are reading this, probably you – in fact you may already have done just that. But now, the days of saving up for a hard-earned sabbatical are gone and in its place is the option of a new life of freedom as a Digital Nomad.

Hundreds of people head off every year to explore some of the world’s most magical destinations with a laptop in tow and a steady income to rely on. They are working from anywhere while getting paid in Euros or Dollars and enjoying life at the beach, up a mountain or pretty much anywhere in between. As a Digital Nomad, just about anything is possible.

 The best freelance jobs to become a Digital Nomad

 Many people think you need an established passive income stream to live and work from anywhere. While this certainly is an option, or even an ideal, it is not a necessity. Working with a solid base of clients, earning as you go, will provide you with a reliable income stream that achieves the quality of life you want while presenting opportunities to build a passive income learn new skills and enjoy life-changing experiences. Remember that passive income can stop at any time thanks to new competitors or changing market forces whereas working with clients provides more ongoing control over your earnings.

In fact there are many job opportunities for working from anywhere in the world, ranging from freelancing in web design, SEO (search engine optimization), writing and graphic design to tax consulting and just about anything else that can be done on the computer. So if you are fortunate enough to already be working as a freelancer in one of these fields, you could set off on a life of adventure as a Digital Nomad with just a few tools in place within the next month or two.

Work less and live more

There is no point in heading to a paradise beach location if you have to save for years to get there or work full time once you arrive. The beauty of working online is that you can head further afield to some of the world’s most sought-after niche destinations and enjoy a higher quality of life at lower cost when you get there. So there is no need to work 40+ hours per week to make a living.

Establish your freelance lifestyle before you leave and your clients may not even notice that you have moved. If they worry that your services may alter, offer them a discount while they get used to the idea to prove that your physical location has no bearing on your ability to carry out high quality work.

Due to lower costs of living in your new destinations you could even save some cash while enjoying a better quality of life than ever before.

Enjoy doing the things you love most

 Life as a Digital Nomad is unlikely to make you rich. But if you set yourself up well from the start it can certainly pay your way around the world and provide you with unique memories and experiences that will travel on with you forever. Who knows where your adventures may take you, what opportunities will open up to you and where you will find yourself a few years from now? Taking your online business around the world could be one of the best things you do in your life before you decide to settle down. In fact some people enjoy it so much that they even continue their location independent lifestyle while raising their children.

Where to go as a Digital Nomad

So where do you start? Asian destinations such as Thailand or Bali in Indonesia are amongst the all-time Digital Nomads’ favorites. They offer an extremely low cost of living, are very safe and English is widely spoken. For even more adventure at lower cost, destinations slightly further afield in Laos, Vietnam or Cambodia make great destinations for Nomads to spend a month or two. On the other side of the world, head west to Buenos Aires for a Latin American experience with a European vibe, work your way up through the Andes, take in Brazil for carnival or head to Central America to join the increasing number of entrepreneurial expats who are discovering all that the area has to offer. In between, Eastern Europe offers a number of interesting options while Africa offers incredible cities such as Cape Town along with its share of quality safari and adventure escapes and quality Internet connections to match.

Travel Guide for Digital Nomads

Having traveled most of these destinations myself as a Digital Nomad or traveler I decided to write a guide about the best budget destinations for Digital Nomads including some essential advice on how to get started. When I was on the road I often found it really hard to decide on where to go next, without really knowing anyone who had personally visited the destinations I was considering. So I thought it might be useful to other people in same position if I put together a guide to help you get started and choose where to begin your journey. This guide to budget destinations for Digital Nomads is not intended to replace ordinary travel guides, it is designed to complement them and help you decide which destinations will suit your particular circumstances best and offer you the kind of adventure and quality of life you are looking for.




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