Don’t want to work from home? Find over 60 amazing workation spots that offer exceptional value for money in the guide.

  • Over 60 awesome work and travel destinations from all over the world

  • Learn how to travel while working online

  • Discover where to work (the best co-working spaces and WI-FI cafes to work from)

  • Explore the best activities in each destination to make the most of your free time (Surfing, Kite surfing, Language schools etc.)

  • Get detailed cost of living info for every destination

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This guide features over 60 amazing budget destinations, from backpacker favourites to up-and-coming gems, from all around the world. Each one has been specifically chosen because it meets the infrastructure needs of the location independent worker, with detailed information about what to do, where to work, and cost of living information.

  • The world’s most popular hubs for digital nomads.
  • Amazing adventure towns with good expat communities that will feel like home within a day or two, with good wind, surf and diving.
  • Cheapest island paradises with good internet connections & nightlife.
  • Safe, inexpensive cities with a great expat vibe in third world and emerging countries.
  • Upcoming tourist destinations that have not yet made it to the pages of the travel catalogues.


This guide is not an alternative to a traditional travel guide – it’s designed to be used along side one.  Its aim is to provide you with a detailed overview of the best low-budget work and travel destinations in the world, and much more besides.


Trip preparation before a work and travel trip is very different to a usual backpacking trip. You will need to bring different travel gear, but also prepare and convince your clients to stay with you on your trip. You will also need solutions for getting paid while you travel and a range of different tools to enable collaboration with your clients. The Webworktravel Guide tells you exactly what you need to do before you start your journey.


The Webworktravel Guide features many amazing destinations you probably never heard about. Sure, places like Bali, Cape Town and Chiang Mai might ring a bell, but there are many more places that would make the perfect office destination. These could be small villages in the mountains of Indonesia or paradise Islands in Panama – you would usually only find out about those kind of places when you are nearby. This guide includes the best from around the world!


Working online while travelling is not about running your office from the the hammock, even though it does makes a great picture. What you need when you travel are good wi-fi cafés or coworking spaces. This guide contains links to the most popular coworking spaces and wi-fi cafés in each destination so you don’t have to waste time looking for them.


A traditional travel guide is focused on providing most of its information on places most people go to. Often times you’ll miss out on places because they are up and coming destinations who might become just another Cancun or Phuket within the next 10 years. Focus of this guide is to tell you about these rather unknow places now, so you can go there before they become overpriced and mass touristy.


Places change and the goal of this guide is to stay up to date with what’s good right now. Thailand is not at all what it used to be back in  2004 when I went for the first time. It’s still good and of course the guide features the best destinations you’ll find there. However, there are more exciting destinations to visit these days. Have you ever considered to visit the Colombia or Tanzania? The guide will tell you why you should visit them now!


When trying to figure out where to go next I spent countless hours researching the internet situation in each destination and trying to figure out if I could get any work done when I arrived.  It takes endless hours to research potential new destinations. Now you can have the most important info all in one guide. If you like adventure and want to have a life of unique experiences while still getting things done online, you’re very likely to enjoy most destinations in this guide.


The worst thing that can happen is that you decide to work from a destination that doesn’t suit your budget. For this reason each destination includes detailed info on the cost of living, making it easier for you to decide where to go next. The cheapest destinations in the guide will allow you to cover cost of living for only $450 per month, while you will have to pay around $1200 to cover the same in some of the more expensive areas.


One of the best things about working and travelling is that you finally have the time to learn things you couldn’t do in your home town. Surfing, Kite surfing or simply practicing a new language. Each destination of the Webworktravel Guide includes a list of all the cool hobbies you can take up in your freetime in each destination.

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johannes voelknerJohannes Voelkner is an Online Marketer from Germany and the Founder and CEO of Nomad Cruise – a company that organizes all-inclusive cruise trips for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs. He’s been a digital nomad since 2010 and travelled to more than 60 countries.

His experience in over 10 years of backpacking and his passion for finding amazing destinations off the beaten track have led him to create this guide.
The destinations mentioned in this guide are his personal selection of his favorite digital nomad destinations he found traveling the world. Learn more about him here.