12 reasons why you should work online and travel the world

Escape the winter


Working online is perfect for those who prefer summer over winter. If you choose your destinations wisely you can live in warm weather destinations all year round.

Work less


Taking an online business around the world is not all about work. Life is often cheaper, meaning you can work a lot less and focous on doing things you love.

Live in paradise


Ever wanted to spend some months on an island with fine sandy beaches and lots of activities around? This doesn’t have to be just your vacation. You can actually do it now.

Save money


Depending on your workload and hourly rate you might actually be able to save money when spending time in countries with a significantly cheaper cost of living.

Do things you love


Can’t you do the activities you love doing in your home town? Why not simply spend more time in places that have it all! Something to look forward to after a day of working online!

Discover new cultures


Think Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Balinese temples or the Maya ruins. There are many cultural activities to enjoy when working online in some of the most exotic destinations on the planet.

Start your own projects


Having to work less to achieve the same quality of live as in your home country means that you might finally have the time to develop your own projects, if you need a break from travelling.

Go coworking


Coworking is becoming more popular all over the world. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people wherever you go and will help you if you are struggleling with your productivity.

Learn new languages


There is no better way to learn a new language than being taught on location and making it part of your daily life. Luckily you can stay enough time to become a pro.

Get to know yourself


Sounds rather cliche but it’s actually true. Nowhere else will you get to know your own personality better than when you’re deprived of all of your home comforts.

Make new friends


Many people are scared to travel alone. In fact, nothing is easier than making new friends when travelling – you don’t even need to be the most outgoing person.

Fall in Love


You are most likely to meet someone that suits your personality when you actually do things you love. Instead of hiding yourself in front of your computer the whole day .