Learn to work and travel and meet up with digital nomads in amazing places!

Working and traveling is much more fun and productive if you surround yourself with other digital nomads who have similar travel plans.

Joining the Facebook community makes it easier for you to connect to digital nomads around the world, learn from them and meet up in the amazing destinations mentioned in the travel guide for digital nomads.

Learn to work & travel

Taking the step to become a digital nomad isn’t easy and you’ll need a lot of advice to get started. Use our resources or simply ask a question in the community to get some help.

Connect Online

Working and traveling is more fun and productive if you travel with other digital nomads. Use the Digital Nomad Network to connect with like-minded people in your favourite places around the world.

Meet in beautiful places

The travel guide includes simply amazing destinations for digital nomads. Use the community to meet up with the nomads offline in some of the incredible destinations mentioned in the guide.