February 8


5 Best Cities For Digital Nomads In Spain And Portugal

By Jarone Ashkenazi

February 8, 2023

Thanks to each country’s Digital Nomad Visa programs, Spain and Portugal are growing hotspots for those who can work remotely. There are currently 42 countries worldwide that already have special visas for remote workers and these two cultural hubs are welcoming remote workers. 

Rich with culture, history, amazing food, and sunny weather nearly year-round, a few cities in Portugal and Spain rank high on the Workation Index. An index that tabulates the most important factors for digital nomads: affordability, high-speed internet, co-working spaces, tourist attractions, average hours of sunshine, and more. 

Lisbon, Portugal

As the capital of Portugal, Libson takes the top spot in all of Europe on the Workation Index. It is home to cheap wine and a bustling city center. Along with numerous beaches just outside of the city itself and cheap taxi rides, it is a great spot for digital nomads. 

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona may be Spain’s second biggest city, but it tops the list of cities in Spain on the Index. From its unique architecture from designers like Gaudi, 136 dedicated co-working spaces and an average of 37Mbps internet speeds, and a number of apartments near the center of the city available for rent, it is a big draw for remote workers. 

Madrid, Spain

With many world-class museums and an average of 2,769 hours of sun per year, Madrid is a great destination for anyone, especially remote workers. Workers can use one of the 125 coworking spaces before heading out for tapas or take advantage of the train station to go for close trips for the weekend. 

Porto, Portugal

Famous for its port wine, the city is budget friendly and also is friendly for vegans and vegetarians. Whether exploring either on foot or by taxi, the city is vibrant. 

Valencia, Spain

With warm temperatures all year round, Valencia is the birthplace of paella and offers coworking spaces, apartments, and cafes on the beach to get work done. 

Others included in the list are Malaga, Spain, Seville, Spain, and Faro, Portugal.

Jarone Ashkenazi

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