October 23


This City Is the Fastest-Growing Digital Nomad Hub In 2023

By Daniela

October 23, 2023

The times when Bali and Thailand were the number one digital nomad destinations are long gone. As more and more workers embrace this independent lifestyle, sometimes even the most surprising places adapt to it.

One of the fastest-growing digital nomad hubs in the world is actually Tokyo, according to research conducted by nomadlist.com. The results were derived from the number of check-ins on their website. And the Japanese capital has seen a 369 percent increase in remote workers only in 2022.

At first sight, it might not seem like the ideal option for digital nomads. After all, this bustling city is much more expensive than other Asian metropolises. But at the same time, it has plenty to offer.

It’s the hub of innovation, history, and culture, meaning there are great job opportunities in those sectors. There is also a strong expat community, high-speed internet, and a lot of cafés and co-working spaces. On top of that, the city has a very low criminality level, which makes it safe especially for female digital nomads.

Japan is planning to launch a digital nomad visa

That’s not all. Japan has decided to join the trend and introduce a visa that will make the relocation of remote workers there much easier. Also, it will make Japan even more attractive.

The aim is to bring more skilled workers to work and live in the country and also increase the number of foreign travelers to pre-pandemic levels. 

At the moment, 69 countries and territories have a visa waiver agreement with Japan. But visitors can’t stay for more than 90 days without a visa.

The government expects the plan to be compiled in May. Based on a survey where 66 percent of digital nomads responded that they stay in one place for three to six months, the visa should allow them to work from Japan for more than 90 days.


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