September 27


Italian Village On The Beautiful Island Offers Digital Nomads To Live There Rent-Free

By Daniela

September 27, 2023

Have you dreamt about becoming a digital nomad for a long time but didn’t yet have the courage? You now have a chance to live rent-free for a month in a tiny rural village nestled in the very heart of Sardinia.

This place that looks like from a romantic fairytale is called Ollolai and has just about 1,200 inhabitants. It’s also known to be one of the Blue Zones – five areas on the planet with the highest concentration of people reaching the age of 100 and beyond.

What’s more, instead of paying a fortune to get the typical digital nomad visa provided elsewhere, you will only pay a symbolic €1. In return, you should share your knowledge with locals.

Work from Ollolai is a program created by the municipality to bring experienced professionals to rural areas and provide information on recent trends, such as remote working. And it should boost opportunities for local students and professionals in the labor market.

Applicants have to submit a bit about themselves, and their work, and also a short paragraph in which they will explain what they could bring to the community. 

Are you wondering who can apply? The town is specifically looking for workers with multiple years of experience in fields like technology, media, finance, real estate, or architecture. Professional artists, writers, musicians, scientists, and academics are also welcome.

You will be staying in a one or two-bedroom apartment depending on whether you travel alone or with a partner and family. The only thing you might worry about is the Internet, which is not very strong in Ollolai. But even that can be solved with a local eSIM and a high-speed connection through your phone.


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