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Digital Nomad Buenos Aires Guide 2020

By WebWorkTravel Editor

August 9, 2019

Buenos Aires is popular among expats because of its great weather, vibrant vibe, low costs of living, multicultural atmosphere and friendly, open locals. Services for digital nomads are well developed thus staying in Argentina’s capital will definitely be a pleasant experience.

When to go?

There is a temperate climate in Buenos Aires. The city is perfect for those who prefer warm weather – during the winter the average temperature is about 15 degrees, so you don’t need to pack up heavy coats. Summer months are hot and can be pretty humid. From October till March temperatures are around 30 degrees.  In spring and autumn, the weather is very changeable, but it will never make you freeze to the bone. 

Where to stay in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is a truly metropolitan city with nearly 3 million inhabitants and plenty of neighborhoods with distinct vibes.

Recoleta is a famous district with Beaux-Arts architecture and is a home for the most important touristic attractions. It is a perfect place for those who like to stay in the historical center and prefer walking rather than using public transport. Flats are however very expensive in that area, so not everybody can afford to live there. 

Those who are on budget can choose San Telmo neighborhood. It is one of the oldest barrios in the city full of beautiful colonial architecture. Nowadays it is inhabited by migrants from various countries and has become one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the city. It is full of hip bars and clubs as well as artistic shops. It is also known for its tango parlors, which attract both locals and foreigners. San Telmo is a perfect spot for those who like the bohemian, relaxed atmosphere. 

Another cool neighborhood is Villa Crespo, considered as the most authentic area in the city. Over there digital nomads can truly experience the local atmosphere and at the same time stay close to the famous Palermo neighborhood. Villa Crespo is also famous for incredible street art and cozy cafes. It is also a home for numerous Jewish community. 

Palermo neighborhood is the best choice for party-goers. It is famous for its vibrant nightlife, countless bars, and restaurants. It has attracted a great number of expats, so it’s a perfect area for those who like the international atmosphere. In Palermo, you can also find plenty of museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions. Plenty of parks and green squares, as well as long boulevards, make the area even much more pleasant and relaxing. 

Accommodation in Buenos Aires for digital nomads

Digital nomads who want to stay in Buenos Aires can choose to stay in hostels, co-living spaces or rented flats.

Nomadh is the oldest co-living space in Buenos Aires and offers a high standard of hotel services. Digital nomads can use the in-house gym, common areas, and comfy working spaces.

Selina is a chain which offers both high-standard accommodation and working space tailored for digital nomads. It is located in the famous Palermo Soho and has its own cinema, café and a rooftop bar with a great view. It is not the cheapest option, but digital nomads can be sure that they will have comfortable conditions and receive the high-standard service. 

Those who prefer to rent a flat or a room can use Airbnb. Prices for a studio vary depending on the area and conditions – the monthly rent starts from around 400 dollars and can reach more than 1000 dollars in neighborhoods such as Recoleta.

Yet another option is to look for a flat via some websites. On BAexpats there are plenty of offers from flat owners as well as people who look for flatmates.   

Coworking spaces and good places to work

There is a significant number of coworking spaces in Buenos Aires digital nomads can choose from.

Urban Station located in hip Palermo Soho has pleasant interior and offers common space, meeting rooms, community tables as well as a great choice of food and drinks.

HIT offers modern and comfortable working spaces and attracts freelancers, entrepreneurs and creative minds from both Argentina and abroad. 

If you prefer to work in a café, you won’t be disappointed with a big choice of great places scattered around the whole city

LAB Tostadores de Café located in Palermo has a fast, stable internet connection, comfy chairs and offers tasty coffee and snacks.

In the same neighborhood, there is a cozy place with authentic French cuisine, Cocu. It usually gest pretty crowded in lunchtime so it is better to come there earlier to make sure that there will be a free space.

LattenTe is known for its tasty coffee and relaxed atmosphere. Every day it attracts freelancers – both locals and foreigners.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid is a former theatre turned into a library with in-house café. The interior is just splendid and makes work much more pleasant. 

Where to meet digital nomads?

There are plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people in Buenos Aires. Coworking spaces often organize events for freelancers thus it is good to subscribe for newsletter or follow them on social media. serves as a forum for expats and is a great platform for making connections.

Digital nomads can also join the Facebook group ‘Buenos Aires Expat Hub  –  its members are active and always willing to give some tips about the city –  either online or over a cup of coffee.

You can also join one of the local Meetup groups who organize regular events for both locals and expats.

Getting around

The easiest way to get around the city is to use Subtle, Buenos Aires’ metro. It efficiently connects different parts of the city and is often the fastest way to get to the destination place. Besides subway, there are also plenty of buses, numerous taxi companies, and Uber. If you prefer more ecological way of getting around Buenos Aires you can rent a bike, using one of the public rental companies, for instance, Urban Biking

Mobile internet / SIM card use

There are three main mobile operators in Argentina: Claro, Movistar, and Personal. The best way to check the offers is to use SIM WiKi 

Travel requirements

Citizens of Canada, most Europen Union countries, Australia and New Zealand do not need to apply for a visa if they want to stay for no more than 90 days in Argentina. Passport holders of other countries should check visa requirements.


How to spend your free time in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has plenty of attractions which will keep you busy during your stay. Newcomers who want to get to know the city can go for a Free Walking Tours. Thematic tours will allow you to discover the most famous city attractions as well as hidden gems, find out about the history of Buenos Aires and hear about less well-known facts from local guides.  

Buenos Aires is famous for the tango culture. Expats who live in the city and want to discover the local culture should not miss the opportunity to see an incredible dance shows, often organized for tourists. If you have good dancing skills, you can also head off to local milonga. Those who want to learn tango can join dancing classes. 

Buenos Aires is also a home of various museums and galleries. Entrance to the Museum of Fine Arts is free of charge and has a spectacular collection of art pieces created by Kandinsky, Degas, Rothko – just to name the few. 

Short trips & adventures

There are many attractions at a nearby distance from the city. So if you want to discover some places outside of the city, you won’t be disappointed with various options. 

  • Wine tasting in Mendoza – Wine lovers should head to Mendoza, a vibrant city famous for its great wine. It is located close to Mount Aconcagua and is a home for more than 1,000 vineyards. The area is also perfect for those who like hiking or skiing.  wntown, the area’s more than 1,000 vineyards bring oenophiles in even greater numbers.
  • Kayaking in El Tigre – Paraná River Delta is perfect for nature lovers and adventurers and the port of Tigre is located only around one hour away from Buenos Aires. Kayaking in El Tigre is by no doubt an unforgettable experience. To get there you can use the RETIRO—TIGRE train. 

Buenos Aires is a vibrant capital which has lots of to offer to digital nomads. Great nightlife, plenty of coworking spaces and cafes, a mix of cultures, lots of opportunities to meet like-minded people and beautiful surroundings make the city a perfect place for freelancers.  

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