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Digital Nomads No Longer Traveling Alone Thanks To The New Dating App

By Daniela

September 6, 2023

The dream of roaming the world with your loved one can now become a reality thanks to Fairytrail – a new dating app that connects remote workers, digital nomads, and travel enthusiasts.

Seeing family and being most of the time single or in long-distance relationships, digital nomads are notoriously known to be able to strive on their own. However, that doesn’t mean they want to travel alone forever.

As more and more couples are meeting through dating apps, it makes sense many have tried their luck there. But finding a partner who is a great travel buddy at the same time is rather challenging on traditional apps, such as Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge. Therefore, Fairytrail is a true game changer on the market.

How it all started

It was developed by Taige Zhang, a product manager and software engineer who has previously worked for Apple and many successful unicorn startups in San Francisco. As a digital nomad who also uses dating apps, the idea came from his own experience:

It’s such a superpower to be able to work from anywhere. It’s a pity not to see the world. And to do that with someone you love is the best feeling in the world,” he mentioned.

A dating app that has it all

Early adopters are stunned by how well the app works and how many genuinely interesting people you can meet in one place. Not only you can come across entrepreneurs, software engineers, designers, writers, and marketers, but also professionals who travel for work, including flight attendants or travel nurses.

What makes Fairytrail unique is the so-called “adventure matching” feature. Members can match during fun group tours and experiences by Airbnb and Tripadvisor. Fancy meeting your soulmate during a wine tour in Napa Valley, discovering the Sahara Desert, or while scuba diving in Bali? Anything is possible with Fairytrail.

A friendly gathering led by a guide takes the pressure off the first date. Also, the parties make the first contact through a video call followed by booking the experience and both are charged prior to it, so nobody is left in a tight spot.

There is a one-time $3 admission fee to Fairytrail and everybody’s identities are verified for safety. The app also uses an amusing way of showing your traits – fairytale character archetypes, such as Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, or Rapunzel for women and Peter Pan, King Arthur, or Robin Hood for men.


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