April 14


Selina and TechnoArt Teaming Up To Launch Startup Hub For Digital Nomads


April 14, 2022

Selina and TechnoArt are working together to help digital nomads create startups.

The teamwork between Selina, a hospitality and lifestyle brand, and TechnoArt, a startup growth platform, will help fledgling entrepreneurs create innovative businesses while exploring the world.

Digital nomads have become a popular topic recently, especially as more and more countries launch digital nomad visas to attract remote workers. Now, investors are taking notice.

Selina has more than 100 locations worldwide — but the fact that it has many sites isn’t unique. What makes the locations stand out is Selina’s focus on top-notch coworking spaces so that nomads can have offices wherever they go.

Additionally, travel allows business owners to scale their projects globally instead of being limited to resources at home.

Meanwhile, TechnoArt is launching an innovation fund to syndicate investments. Investment syndication is when multiple investors join together to fund one company.

TechnoArt will do this for as many as 12 businesses each year.

The team-up between Selina and TechnoArt provides two different paths for entrepreneurs, Born and Grown.

Selina in Panama City
Selina in Panama City

The Born program, which aids new startups in turning their plans into fully-fledged businesses, lasts for 12 weeks. Grown is an online platform that offers numerous benefits for digital nomads’ professional needs.

To apply for funding, members of TechnoArt@Selina can apply online.

TechnoArt@Selina’s investment experts will assess each application and share the best ones with investors. The collaboration team expects to grant $1-5 million to each business.

A few years ago, a large-scale effort to invest in digital nomads would have seemed odd. However, some people who had to work remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic have decided never to return to the office.

Working from home — or very far from home, in the case of digital nomads — offers unparalleled freedom that many people refuse to give up.


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