November 28


Eight amazing destinations to enjoy a good quality of life while working online

By Johannes Völkner

November 28, 2013

Check out these examples of some well-known and less well-trodden Webworktravel favourites:

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the adventure capitals in the world. No other urban city offers so much diversity when it comes to having an adventure of your life every day after you’ve had your afternoon tea. In addition, the city offers amazing value for money: Enjoy great dinners with superb views of majestic Table Mountain and the ocean every evening. Many expats have come to realize that Cape Town is the place to be  – it is easy to meet-likeminded people; you will find lots of cool cafes with free Wi-Fi as well as co-working spaces and getting your own apartment to set up base here for a month or two is sorted within a matter of days.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Ever wanted to escape the modern world and still be able to get things done? Then Luang Prabang is where you‘ll want to be heading. This small nest-cum-colonial-town with a village atmosphere is the perfect place to kick back and get things done when exploring South East Asia. Do a cooking course, read a book by Mekong river or have a coffee in one of the local bakeries. Everybody has their own reason to love this place and you will too, if you take your time to explore it!

Cusco, Peru

While Cusco might not ring a bell with everyone you‘ve probably heard about the discovery of Machu Pichu, the forgotten Inca Village, about 100 years ago. Well, Cuso will be your starting point if you ever want to go there. Besides, there is a lot more than the UNESO World Heritage Town of Cusco has to offer. Thanks to Machu Pichus popularity with tourists the right infrastructure developed here which will make it a no brainer to find good Wi-Fi cafes to get things done. Take part in Spanish lessons or get fit going trekking, mountain biking or white-water rafting, before dancing the night away in one of the clubs.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bocas del Toro, Panama: Bocas is an archipelago of 6 heavily forested islands surrounded by good surf and crystal clear waters. The popular tourist destination has been a haven for long-term travellers for a while, but thanks to its sympathetic development and absence of resort hotels Bocas has not become a victim of its own success. There are a lot of things that can keep you busy when you aren’t spending your day working in one of the many restaurants. Surfing, hiking and diving are amongst the most popular activities before heading into the busy nightlife of the islands. Don’t miss this place when travelling through Central America as it is a fantastic base to stay a while.

Lake Toba, Indonesia

Situated well above sea level, the climate is a lot less humid than in most Asian destinations, making it the perfect year-round destination for working, relaxing and breaking up your travels between Thailand and Indonesia.  Lake Toba was a backpackers’ haven in the 1990s until Thailand stole its fame and the Tsunami off Sumatra’s coast lead to a complete end of tourism. There is a surplus of accommodation now and it’s no problem to find your own comfortable room including sea views and air con for 7$ per night. You won’t find much to do here but it’s simply a fantastic place to check out and get that project you’ve always wanted to finish finally done. However, at weekends you can escape to the national parks and see orang utangs in the wild or climb volcanos.

Koh Phan Ngan, Thailand

Koh Phan Ngan is not only home to the famous Fullmoon Parties, but also one of the best value for money island destinations in Thailand. Thanks to Fullmoon party tourism this island has developed a good infrastructure that will meet all your needs. If simply hanging out by the beach is not your thing, you can keep busy by going to the day spa, embarking on motorbike tours or do mountain biking or quad biking. If you decide to stay for a bit longer, a good way to meet more long-term expats is be to sign up to the Jungle Gym , a local fitness studio offering Thai boxing lessons as well. Or join the FC Farang, the local soccer team for foreigners.

Lisbon, Portugal

If you thought good value for money destinations can only be found in South America or Asia, you’d be wrong. Lisbon, situated on the south western part of Europe, is also one of those destinations that should be considered if you want to travel around Europe for a while. Sign up to one of the many co-working spaces to get your work done or simply visit one of the cafes with fantastic views all over the city when staying here. Surfing, learning Portuguese and a fantastic nightlife are just some of the activities that will keep you busy here.

Johannes Völkner

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