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4 Cheapest Visa For Digital Nomads In Europe In 2023

By Jarone Ashkenazi

February 23, 2023

Digital nomad visas in Europe are ever popular due to the high quality of life, large remote worker community and strong infrastructure. 

These locations require applicants to make less than 3,000€ per month working remotely, higher than other digital nomad visa income requirements. This list of the cheapest digital nomad visas in Europe provides an easy guide for new or seasoned digital nomads to work in Europe. 

First is Hungary, with an income requirement of 2,000€/month and digital nomads are given a one-year renewable visa. Known as the White Card it is the cheapest digital nomad visa in Europe and the process is relatively simple to obtain a visa. 

Applicants must visit a Hungarian embassy or consulate in their country of residence and submit their documents. Following confirmation of proof of income, valid passport, proof of remote work and other requirements, as part of the Schengen Area, visa holders will have access to travel to other countries.

Second is Malta, with an income requirement of 2,000€/month and digital nomads are also given a one-year renewable visa. Its pain free digital nomad visa application process, ideal weather, efficient infrastructure and English being the official language, makes it easily the next spot. 

Officially known as the Nomad Residence Permit, recipients will be notified of answer of approval within just 30 days. Digital nomads can also bring their family members to live in Malta for up to three years, but income requirements increase. 

Next is Portugal, with an income requirement of 2,750€/month and digital nomads are given a two-year renewable visa. Digital nomads can work and live in the country for two years with the initial residence permit and can even renew for an additional three years. 

You must first visit a Portuguese embassy or consulate in your country of residence to submit your digital nomad visa application. Once approved, cities like Lisbon and Porto offer a large community of remote workers.

Last but certainly not least is Croatia. With an income requirement of 2,400€/month, digital nomads are given a one-year renewable visa.

As Croatia recently joined the Schengen Area in 2023, it provides visa-free travel to roam the continent. However, it is notable that if you wish to reapply and live in the country again after one year, you must leave the country for at least three months and then reapply. 

Jarone Ashkenazi

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