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Applications For Portugal’s Digital Nomad Visa Are Now Open – What To Know


November 2, 2022

Beginning October 30, remote workers making $2,750 or more per month can now apply for Portugal’s much anticipated digital nomad visa.

Portugal recently opened the application process and released the requirements for the maritime country’s new “digital nomad visa.”

Now, remote workers making $2,750 a month, or four times Portugal’s minimum wage, can live and work in the seemingly idyllic European nation.

Remote workers, commonly referred to as digital nomads, can now apply for a five-year residency permit or a one-year temporary stay visa. Applications can be processed at any Portuguese Consulate or at Portugal’s Servico de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, which is the country’s immigration agency.

To qualify for the new digital nomad visa, remote workers must submit proof of self-employment or a contract of employment, proof of income documents for the previous 90 days, and tax residency documents.

Prior to the digital nomad visa, the majority of the influx of foreign residents setting up shop in the country did so via the D7 visa.

Despite having a much lower $7,011 a year minimum income requirement, unlike the now available digital nomad visa, all income for a D7 visa must come from passive income streams rather than a monthly salary or contract work.

From mild weather and stunning sights to low cost of living and widespread fluency in English, Portugal remains a popular spot among remote workers for a variety of reasons. The new digital nomad visa is poised to make the friendly nation even more accessible.

Requirements for digital nomad visa:

• $2,750 minimum monthly income
• Proof of employment
• Proof of income documents for the previous 90 days
• Tax residency documents

Where to apply:

Servico de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras
• Portuguese Consulate (in any country)


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