June 8


Bali Announces 5-Year Tax-Free Digital Nomad Visa


June 8, 2022

Bali, a beloved tourist destination, will soon launch a digital nomad visa.

The Indonesian province took a hit to its tourism industry when COVID-19 caused many countries to close their borders. Even when borders opened, entry restrictions often made travel difficult and unappealing.

However, Bali has now ended almost all of its entry restrictions, and it’s ready to get back in business.

In April, 111,000 tourists arrived in Bali, a 500% increase from the month before.

Though many nations are eager to attract short-term tourists, digital nomad visas are aimed at visitors who’d like to stay for long blocks of time. The longer a digital nomad stays, the more they’ll contribute to the economy.

The fact that this new digital nomad/remote work visa program would allow retaining full income, without paying any taxes in Indonesia (Bali) as long as it does not come from an Indonesia-based business, makes this visa particularly appealing.

Attracting digital nomads requires different tactics compared to short-term tourists. People who visit briefly often want to enjoy Bali’s beaches, but long-term visitors will dig more deeply into what the province offers.

The visa’s creators are thinking less about sun and sand and more about sustainability and spirituality. Digital nomad visa holders will be able to stay for up to five years, much longer than holders of other such visas worldwide.

Sandiago Uno, Tourism Minister, predicts that the visa could bring as many as 3.6 million nomads. He also stated that the influx could lead to more than 1 million jobs for locals.

The visa’s prospects are looking good: Remote work is more popular than ever. Though many people started working remotely because of the pandemic, the unprecedented convenience has made employees reluctant to head back to the office.


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