July 14


Costa Rica Launches Digital Nomad Visa: All You Need to Know

By Jarone Ashkenazi

July 14, 2022

Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa is being written into law this week, elevating this already popular tourist destination into a holy grail for digital nomads and solo adventurers.

Joining the growing number of nations (at 45 at last count) following the trend of companies extending remote working opportunities, this announcement comes nearly a year following its original announcement. Now digital nomads can work and enjoy a country full of natural wonders and tropical jungles while working remotely.  

Unlike other countries’ requirements, the order President Rodrigo Chaves, Costa Rica’s commander in chief signed, their visa removes bureaucratic obstacles and makes it easy to apply for.

The first iteration included numerous obstacles and while it still holds some, those applying do not need to:

  • Schedule face-to-face visa appointments
  • Submit to a background check
  • Present a criminal record certificate
  • Provide proof of future income within the next two years
beautiful beach in costa rica

Costa Rica is trying to make the path to apply and receive the visa as simple as possible, especially to attract the digital nomad market of Americans.

The requirements though that remain in place include:

  • Make a minimum of US$36,000 per year, no less than $3,000/month if traveling alone or $4,000/month if bringing family.
  • Work remotely, either as self-employed or as an employer of a company registered outside Costa Rica and as such your income must originate from outside the country, 
  • Provide proof of health insurance for the whole duration of the stay

Applications can already be submitted via this link and applicants will have three months to obtain ‘migratory accreditation document’.

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