July 21


Best And Worst Countries For Digital Nomads According to Cybersecurity Experts


July 21, 2022

With the global COVID-19 pandemic still adversely impacting people from all walks of life around the world, workers have pushed their employers for hybrid and remote-work opportunities to safeguard their health and that of their loved ones. The remote-work trend has become the focus of a large cross-section of the labor sector.

Remote work, also known as stay-at-home work, improves workers quality of life through better scheduling flexibility. Employers enjoy access to highly motivated and productive top talent from anywhere in the world at a more affordable cost than traditional on-site and preset-schedule, inflexible arrangements.

According to new data from cybersecurity experts at NordLayer released on July 13, 2022, Germany is the best country to live in for workers who want to log into their jobs remotely. Denmark and the United States ranked in the top second and third most-preferred locations, respectively.

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NordLayer conducted this study, per chief technology officer Juta Gurinaviciute, after realizing that a clear trend with hybrid and remote work had emerged during the pandemic. NordLayer reviewed 66 countries when trying to determine rankings.

Staff at NordLayer compared the response of each country to the COVID-19 pandemic, the infrastructure, especially digital options, English proficiency, healthcare, online security and socioeconomic conditions. Except for Singapore in ninth place, the rest of the “Top 10” portion of the list consisted of European countries.

NordLayer also determined that Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and other smaller European countries offer the safest online security. Non-European countries didn’t rank as well in overall appeal. South Korea (11th) had the fastest internet and Israel (37th) had the most affordable access options.

Which country ranked number 66 on the list? According to NordLayer, the western North African country of Algeria ranked worst or “least ideal” of all of the countries reviewed by the company.


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