August 23


Digital Nomads Can Stay 1-month Free In Bosnia And Herzegovina

By Maria Valencia

August 23, 2022

Many countries are currently dealing with severe economic problems because of the pandemic and other global events. At least one government has come up with a positive solution to draw visitors to a region that needs more tourism traffic.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina government has decided to fund a one-month visit to the city of Mostar in the Balkans between September 19 and October 17 of this year for five digital nomads who are available for immediate travel. Qualified applicants work entirely via their phones, laptops or tablets, enjoy travel and have a strong presence on at least three social media platforms.

This microproject, which received financing from the EU and the Federal Republic of Germany, is part of the European Union’s larger EU4BusinessRecovery Project that focuses on helping countries stabilize economically via tourism. The project managers believe that social media influencers can draw attention and spread awareness enough to inspire other digital nomads and travelers to visit.

Each recipient receives up to €300 ($299) for travel expenses and free air transfer to Mostar, which is where they also receive free apartment stays, daily breakfast, vouchers for nearby restaurants and hotels and a shared vehicle. The program also covers transportation to activities and nearby towns and several mandatory and voluntary experiences, including cycling, kayaking, rafting and ziplining; access to the Code Hub Mostar coworking space and Cross Border Coworking Conference; regional tours and incidentals.

The winners of this unique opportunity do have some responsibilities beyond their work, mandatory coworking and tour activities and local media appearances. They’re required to publish at least one post about their experiences on their own blogs with a minimum of 12 high-quality photographs that capture positive aspects of the region; share their experiences on their social media accounts in at least three different posts; and upload to their accounts and blogs at least five creative, co-produced video posts.

Interested parties don’t have much time left. The application deadline is August 26, 2022.

Maria Valencia

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