October 22


Greece Launches Registration for 1-Year Digital Nomad Visa For Non-EU Citizens


October 22, 2021

Greece’s long-awaited digital nomad visa program is now up and running, and it has some exciting features that could set it apart from other European competitors.

In February, the Greek government announced plans to “create an organized, attractive environment” that caters to international remote workers, a coveted market among tourism-dependent destinations that have been hit hard by COVID-related travel restrictions.

After a seven-month wait, legislators passed Law 4825/2021 in September, finally making Greece’s digital nomad visa program official.

Under the initiative, non-EU remote workers can live and work in Greece for up to 12 months. They also have the option of sponsoring a partner and children.

To qualify for the program, applicants must:

  • Be a verified remote worker
  • Prove they either work for a foreign employer or are self-employed with foreign clients
  • Earn a gross income of at least €3,500 per month
  • Sign a personal statement agreeing not to engage in local work during their stay

For applicants sponsoring family members, the monthly income requirement is increased by 20% for partners and by 15% for each child.

One of the visa’s standout features is a fast-track option that allows nomads to pick up their visa at the Greek consulate in their home country within 10 days of applying.

Another plus is the program’s generous renewal option. After the initial 12-month term, the visa can be extended for an additional two years, meaning that nomads can settle down in Greece for a total of three years.

These options, in addition to the country’s world-renowned culture, cuisine and climate, could help make Greece a top destination for the globe’s rapidly growing population of digital professionals.

Other European countries with digital nomad programs include Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Malta and Iceland. Romania is also working on a special visa for foreign remote workers.


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