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Tarifa Workation November

By Johannes Völkner

October 20, 2014

Update: This article is outdated. Visit the page Tarifa Workation to find all infos about upcoming workations in Tarifa.

Are you spontaneous and location independent? Do you want to hang out, learn from and collaborate with like-minded people? If you want to enjoy the advantages of low season prices in Southern Europe then I’d like you to join us in Tarifa over the next weeks.

I’ve experienced that the best way to get things done on workation is to spend time with other digital nomads and location independent professionals in awesome destinations. That’s why I thought I’d organize some meet-ups over the next few weeks so you can experience this in one of the most beautiful regions of Spain.

Just another sunset in Tarifa

Tarifa has everything from picturesque beaches and awesome activities to great infrastructure and fast internet. In short it’s a fantastic workation town for those who want to get things done and have a great time. You can learn more about Tarifa here.

Who’s coming

So far we have over 20 people from eight different countries who are set to come down here. A great mix of webdevelopers, designers, consultants, translators, entrepreneurs, and some newbies.

Not everyone is going to be here at the same time, but I believe that there will always be at least a few people around and that it’s going to be a great workation.

workation dinner smallFirst Workation Dinner in Tarifa

How it works

Now one thing everyone needs to know – just like you need to do your work, I need to do the same. So I can’t be your personal 24 hour tour guide. There are lots of cool activities to try out, amazing day trips, and nice cafes to work from so you will have plenty of things to do without me being there all the time.

In order to have meet-ups and collaboration I’ve organized a few things:

Every tuesday evening we meet-up and go out for dinner or watch presentations, so you can get to know everyone else who’s around.

Every friday is “Workation Friday”. After four days of hard work we get together for daytrips, go surfing, mountain-biking, whale watching and simply have a good time. Each friday evening there’s also a great concert in one of the beach bars which is another great chance to meet up.

On the evening of the 25th of November I’ll do my conference speach “How to work and travel the world” and will share advice on everything you need to know for your future trips, including some of the best places I found during my 4 year workation.

As well as that I organize random “coffee shop” invasions where we can meet-up and work from different coffee shops in the old town or on the beach.

In the meantime you can team-up with other participants, have some drinks, co-work, go surfing, chill at the beach, or come along and go kitesurfing in the late afternoons.

If this sounds good to you I’d like you to fill out the application form at the end of the document so I can send you more info and give the chance to get to know the other people taking part.

Tarifa FAQ

What’s the cost of living in Tarifa?

Right now it’s low season in Tarifa – this means that it is very affordable to live here. Hostels cost around 15 Euros a night or, if you’re staying longer, you can rent an nice apartment for around 300 Euros a month.

There are lots of Tapas bars here and they all offer really tasty yet cheap food. Alternatively you can just shop at the supermarket and cook for yourself.

Tarifa is a small town so transportation costs nothing – just use your legs.

What is the weather going to be like?

It’s a lot nicer than Northern Europe, that’s for sure! In the daytime it’s mainly shorts and t-shirt weather but at night it can get a little bit chilly so bring a coat and trousers for tapas outside.

But there will also be a few days of rain in November, good to get some work done.

Where can I stay?

When you get here I recommend you to stay at La Cocotera Coworking Hostel (https://www.airbnb.de/rooms/3012952). The ladies who run it are great and you can work from the first day you get there and have the chance to meet-up with other people in this group.

Besides that you can also find great accommodation options on Airbnb or Hostelworld.For those who stay longer there’s also many great deals on apartments to be had for long-term rentals. The best way to get them is to take a look around once you are here.

If you want t stay for longer I can send you information about apartments for rent.

How much does it cost to join?

This workation is a test run for a similar event I’d like to organize in Cape Town in the near future. That’s also why I’ll do the whole organization for free to experiment with this concept.

How to get to Tarifa?

The best and cheapest airport to fly to is Malaga. When you exit the airport you’ll see a ticket booth where you can buy your bus ticket (around €15). You can take a bus directly to Tarifa or go to Algeciras, once you are there you can take another 30 minute ride to Tarifa (leaves around every 30 minutes).

Another great option to get here is to get a rental car right at Malaga Airport. You’ll usually find the best deals (I pay €6 per day including full cover insurance) on www.doyouspain.com if you book around 5 days in advance.

Fill out the form for more info and the chance to get to know other participants before you go.

More Questions? Ask: johannes@webworktravel.com

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