May 18


Live The Dream On A Budget: This Affordable Country Offers The Best Digital Nomad Visa


May 18, 2023

Colombia has been a tourist hotspot for decades. Not just for its amazing scenery and attractions but also for the affordable cost of living. Colombia is considered to be the cheapest place to live and now you can work and live in Columbia through their recently launched digital nomad visa. 

The Colombian visa for Digital nomads is for foreigners that want to live while working remotely in Colombia temporarily. With the visa, you can stay as little as 180 days up to six months a year in a city of your choice. 

Colombia has some of the best cities for digital nomads, with most people going for the capital city Bogota which is the financial and business center of the country. 

Another great city to consider when looking to work remotely in Colombia is Medellin which has an extensive public transport system with its own metro and cable system. 

Cartagena is another wonderful city recommended by ProColombia for remote workers with a passion for tourism. The city has various islands and archipelagos, which are great places to spend some of your downtime. 

The Colombian digital nomad visa is one of the easiest and cheapest in the world. The list of requirements is short and easily attainable. 

The digital nomad visa applicants must have a valid passport, valid for a minimum of six months at the time of application. 

The visa is only available to remote workers, including freelancers, employees, and business owners earning income outside Colombia. Applicants will be required to show proof of employment from their employer. 

Applicants must make at least $900 a month and have health insurance. You can get more official instructions online and request for a visa using the available application form on the official website.  

The visa is available for citizens from countries on the list of those that don’t need a visa for a short-stay in Colombia. These include the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Latin America and Europe. 


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