January 19


Montenegro, Latest Country to Introduce Digital Nomad Visa Program


January 19, 2022

Montenegro has recently announced a new digital nomad visa program. The country’s cabinet approved the plan, which was proposed by the Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media.

The Program for Attracting Digital Nomads will go into effect in 2022. So far, the program is set to last until 2025.

To implement the program, leaders have created an accompanying action plan. Many goals in the action plan focus on making Montenegro an appealing location for digital nomads.

A campaign called “Montenegro — A Destination for Digital Nomads” will help attract nomads’ attention.

The plan also contains a road map for handling visa approval, analysis of potential economic impacts, goalposts for measuring success, funding sources, and other aspects of putting the program into action.

The country’s current legal framework for visas will need to be altered to accommodate the plan. Numerous government agencies will have to cooperate in developing a cohesive visa process.

Leaders have already identified the regulations they need to amend.

Montenegro’s government must also determine what kind of tax breaks to offer digital nomads. The Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare will work with creators of the digital nomad visa to revise certain laws about personal income taxes.

Kotor, Montenegro.

Additionally, Minister of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media Tamara Srzentić stated that the administration will make a web platform to provide information and interaction for digital nomads in the nation.

Once digital nomads arrive, they will be allowed to stay for a year before renewing their visas.

Srzentić also noted that the country wants to enhance its digital services for its own citizens, not just nomads.

Montenegro isn’t the only nation pursuing digital nomads. Greece, the Czech Republic, and Malta are all trying to boost their economies with similar programs.

Typically, digital nomad visa programs offer a streamlined application process and attractive tax breaks.


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