February 17


Portugal Voted N.1. Destination For 2022 In Digital Nomad Survey


February 17, 2022

Digital nomads are location-independent professionals who travel the globe while maintaining an online-based business or career. This work-from-anywhere lifestyle has been a growing trend for more than a decade, and its popularity exploded in 2020 when the pandemic created millions of new remote workers around the world.

According to a survey by Nomadbase, one of Facebook’s largest digital nomad communities, Portugal is the location most digital nomads plan to visit in 2022. Croatia came in a close second, with Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Greece, the United States, South Africa and Indonesia rounding out the top 10.

It’s no surprise Portugal is attracting so many digital nomads; it’s safe, clean and has fantastic weather. It also offers tax benefits and visa for digital nomads.

In 2021, the southern European country also launched the world’s first digital nomad village in Ponto do Sol, a gorgeous cove in Madeira. Nearly 5,000 nomads have stayed in the village since it opened last February.

Meanwhile, Croatia, which is also becoming a hot spot for remote workers, will serve as the backdrop for a seven-day Nomadbase community conference from May 9-15, 2022. The event will feature skill-sharing workshops, local adventures and social activities.

The group will announce ticket information and location details on its website later this month.


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