June 30


Survey Reveals TOP Digital Nomad Hotspots For Summer 2023

By Daniela

June 30, 2023

Summer is at full speed. And even though our social media feed is already filled with so much inspiration, including pristine beaches, rustic cottages, and lush mountains, not all of us have our travel plans sorted. 

To help you decide where to spend the upcoming few months, we asked the two largest digital nomads’ Facebook groups (Nomadbase – The Digital Nomad Community and Digital Nomads Around the World), which together count more than 230,000 members. 

We also asked one of the biggest communities on Reddit – the Digital Nomad subreddit. More than 2 million travelers, digital nomads, and remote workers are a part of it.

Digital nomads’ summer plans revealed

We collected nearly 500 responses, comments, or votes, and nearly 70 countries were mentioned. With 15.3%, Spain became the winner this year, followed by Thailand (10%), and the USA (8.8%).

Note that some respondents are visiting more than one destination and their plans might simply change at some point, so the data should be considered only as an estimate.

TOP summer digital nomads’ hotspots 2023

  1. Spain (Barcelona, Canary Islands)
  2. Thailand
  3. USA (Florida, NYC, Seattle)
  4. Mexico (Puerto Escondido, Guadalajara, Oaxaca, CDMX)
  5. Portugal (Lisbon, Madeira)
  6. Italy
  7. Bali
  8. UK
  9. Poland
  10. Bulgaria (Bansko)
  11. Canada
  12. Philippines
  13. Greece
  14. Netherlands

What draws so many digital nomads to Spain, Thailand, and the USA?

Spain has been ranked as one of the most visited countries in the world. No wonder. It boasts a rich cultural heritage, pristine beaches, and amazing cuisine.

During the summer months, it also hosts numerous world-class festivals, including Primavera Sound or Sónar. And compared to other European destinations, living there is still rather affordable.

What’s more, Spain has recently launched visas for non-EU citizens and non-Spanish corporate employees, which are a perfect option for digital nomads who would like to experience Spain and all it has to offer.

Spain's Digital Nomad Visa Aims To Reduce Taxes

On the other hand, Thailand has been a top digital nomad destination for years. In fact, the city of Chiang Mai has been known as the world’s digital nomad capital. You will find a great internet connection there as well as plenty of cafés to work from, delicious food, and nature found nowhere else. Plus the cost of living is very low.

The USA might come as a surprise as it’s primarily not considered an exotic beach destination but its coastline is equally beautiful and very diverse. Look at Florida, California, Hawaii, or even Washington – they all offer beautiful and distinctive seashores.

Many digital nomads also come for the cities – New York, Austin, Denver, New Orleans, and more. No matter if it’s the culture, nightlife, or the quality of services, they all have something unique to offer. 

Last but not least, the USA has many digital nomads and they move in between states for the summer.


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