August 11


This Alluring Spanish City Is The New Upcoming Digital Nomad Hub

By Daniela

August 11, 2023

Thanks to the cultural and historical heritage, great food, and the sunlit seaside, Spain attracts millions of tourists every year. 

But it’s not just regular vacationers who get captivated by its charm. For a couple of years, Spain has also been a desired destination among backpackers and digital nomads.

Its popularity grew significantly in 2023. After years of waiting, the Spanish government finally introduced visas for digital nomads.

While metropolitan Barcelona and Madrid are still the top digital nomad hotspots, there is another city climbing up the list of trending places in Spain for remote workers to live – the Andalusian Sevilla. 

It’s the fourth largest city in Spain and offers visitors a unique blend of Spanish and North African cultures. What’s more, it’s renowned to be one of the sunniest cities in Europe and is therefore also sought after by snowbirds.

However, what makes Sevilla truly stand out among other destinations is that it has committed to sustainability and innovation. In fact, it has been recently named one of the European Capitals of Smart Tourism for 2023.

What are the newest technologies that help local tourism to be more green and enjoyable?

First and foremost, Sevilla boasts a Tourism Intelligence System that analyses the crowds and diverts visitors to less busy areas. Most points of interest are located in the historic city center. This project aims to improve both the quality of life of neighbors and the experience of visitors.

Not quite sure where to go first? Forget boring city tours. In Seville, you can immerse yourself in augmented reality tours or use an interactive mobile app to discover the city’s hidden gems.

Those with limited mobility will appreciate the Seville Accessibility app. It helps plan routes and avoid any obstacles encountered. Another thing is that you will see more and more public transport vehicles use renewable energy.

Who can get the Spanish digital nomad visa?

Spain started to issue digital nomad visas at the beginning of this year. It is specially designed for non-EU citizens and non-Spanish corporate employees and allows them to work from Spain’s beautiful cities and beaches for up to five years.

Requirements include a visa fee and an income of at least $2,215. Also, note that with this visa, digital nomads can only earn up to 20% from Spanish companies and cannot have lived in the country as residents in the past five years.


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