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10 Most Popular Digital Nomad Jobs In 2023 – Where To Get Them

By Daniela

August 7, 2023

Having a location-independent job is the key to becoming a digital nomad. But what to do if you are stuck in a regular day job, where the chances of persuading your boss to go remote are minimal? 

With dozens of countries offering digital nomad visas, you have the whole world at your fingertips, and you shouldn’t let your work stop you from turning your dream into reality.

Luckily, the trends in remote work accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies now offer more and more positions that can be done remotely, and you have a much bigger chance of landing one with your existing skill set.

Alternatively, you can search for digital nomad-friendly positions in a completely different field. If you’re determined and eager to learn new skills, you should soon be ready to set off on your digital nomad journey. The following list of the most popular digital nomad positions will help you start.

Data entry

The name of the position pretty much says what it involves – a lot of data and a lot of spreadsheets, databases, and websites to fill it into. 

Taking care of data can get rather monotonous. If you are creative and get easily bored, it’s probably not for you. On the other hand, it doesn’t require any expertise or education and is the perfect job to start roaming the world.

Customer Service 

This is another option for those looking for an entry-level position. But compared to data entry, where you’re most of the time on your own, you will need good people skills. 

You will help customers solve their problems, and this is exactly where the job can get challenging – people might be stressed or even angry at you. But if you’re calm-headed and able not to take things too personally, you will be just fine.

Technical Support

Do you have excellent computer skills? As a Technical Support, your main tasks will involve troubleshooting, diagnosing, and solving IT issues. Strong communication skills and attention to detail are also valued here. 

Not quite an IT specialist yet? For lower levels of tech support, you can easily get trained and use the newly acquired knowledge to move onto more advanced positions in the field.

Social Media Manager

With most brands building an online presence, Social Media Managers are highly in demand. The best thing about it? You can spend the whole day following the newest trends on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Threads, or Instagram.

However, the duties are much broader. Apart from creating content and reacting to comments and messages, you will be responsible for the social media strategy and analysis of its success. 

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is basically someone who assists you with the organization of your daily schedule, just like a Personal Assistant, with the difference that it can be done fully remotely.

Dealing with calls, emails, and appointments is a virtual assistant’s bread and butter, and is most suitable for people who have some administrative experience. But marketing skills, such as SEO, PPC, or keyword search will make you stand out on the market and increase your hourly rate. 

SEO Specialist

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a skill thanks to which you will make a company’s website more visible, and therefore drive more traffic there and make the business more profitable. 

In order to do so, you need to master a couple of tools. First and foremost, it will be Google Analytics. You will also need to know how to do keyword searches and build long-term strategies.

Similar to social media management, there are plenty of vacancies for SEO specialists. Basically, every company that has a website needs one.


All literature enthusiasts and grammar sleuths, alert! Even though it might sound impossible to make a living just from writing, the reality is quite the opposite. Because all websites, advertising and marketing campaigns, and other communication materials need a copy that sells.

For such a position, you need to have attention to detail, be creative and be able to write in different styles. But if you can, build your portfolio around a niche topic, such as technical writing, emailing, or writing for crypto. Not only will your skills be in demand, but you will also make a bit more than a regular copywriter.

Graphic Designer

Yes, you guessed it right – apart from catchy copy, all brands and their campaigns also need a visual identity. And if you’re into art and good at drawing or painting, you can easily turn your passion into your living.

You will have to know how to design in multiple graphic software, such as Photoshop, Adobe, or Canva. If your skills are not quite there yet, don’t worry. There are plenty of online courses which can teach you everything from the basics to advanced design techniques.

Web Developer

A Web Developer is someone who creates and optimizes codes for websites so they work as smoothly as possible on different platforms (desktop, tablet, and mobile phone).

A good way to start is to learn basic programming languages, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Knowing those, you can already land a good side hustle. However, to become an advanced developer, you will also need to master PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby. Again, there are plenty of online courses out there, but you will learn the most by simply coding. 

App Developer

App developers build applications for mobile devices. These days, there are two types of app developers – the ones that create apps for Android and the other ones for iOS software. You can also code in both of them to increase your chances of employability on the market and a good salary.

Same as Web Developers, you will have to know various coding languages. HTML, CSS, Java, Python, C++, Kotlin, and Rust are the most popular ones. It’s also good to note that due to the increased usage of smartphones, App Developer positions are in high demand.

Where to find remote positions?

Now that you chose your new profession, you also have to know where to look for remote positions. These are the most popular websites to search for a job for digital nomads. We wish you good luck!

For full-time and part-time job positions:



We Work Remotely

For freelance positions:





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