December 6


TOP 10 Digital Nomad Destinations This Winter, According to Poll

By Jarone Ashkenazi

December 6, 2022

As digital nomads plan their work and travel for the end of the new year and into early next, two of the largest digital nomad groups on Facebook were polled. They were asked to share their travel plans for the months of December 2022 to March 2023.

With over 220,000 members, the groups Nomadbase – The Digital Nomad Community and Digital Nomads Around the World, have revealed where they plan their winter escapes

While digital nomads are exactly that, nomads, plans can change while they are on their journey and the data procured shows an estimate of popular destinations. The survey showed more than 40 different places but the top 10 are below. 

Top 10 winter escapes for digital nomads:

  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Thailand (Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai, Bangkok)
  • Mexico (Playa del Carmen, Oaxaca, CDMX)
  • Spain (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, South of Spain)
  • Brazil (Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro)
  • Philippines
  • Morocco
  • Malaysia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Argentina

Bali topped the list with close to 14% of voters choosing this tropical destination, followed by Thailand with just over 12% and Mexico with just under 11%. Bali’s lush greenery, beautiful landscapes and towering temples draw tourists as well as digital nomads, but the low cost of living in Bali is what draws workers from around the globe. 

Bali even plans to introduce a new visa for digital nomads to further increase the number of visitors and workers to the island. Mexico became popular during the pandemic due to the lack of restrictions and it has remained popular due to its excellent infrastructure for digital nomads. 

Other destinations, which covers the remaining 40% of locations are topped with: Australia, Cape Verde, Florida, Turkey, Peru and Portugal. 

So whether you are a remote workers or are a freelancer that can make their own schedule, these destinations surely will be a draw.

Jarone Ashkenazi

About the author

Following being published on Fast Company as well as Wired Innovations Insights, Jarone expanded his writing portfolio to cover luxury travel, goods, unique experiences along with restaurants and lifestyle articles for numerous websites. From luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts and VIP experiences, Jarone has written about exclusive properties only offered to the discerning traveler and consumer. Jarone is a native to Los Angeles and spends his free time traveling, playing sports and is always up for an adventure.

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