November 30


Why Digital Nomads Should Visit Brazil This Winter

By Jarone Ashkenazi

November 30, 2022

Over 45 countries are offering visas allowing remote workers to base themselves in their countries and work remotely. Brazil is the latest country to be added to that list with its digital nomad visa, called Temporary Visa VITEM XIV.

People can apply for a visa at any Brazilian consulate and pay the $100 fee. The visa is good for up to one year, but can be extended for a second if need be. Along with other stipulations, one benefit is that you are allowed to leave the country and come back while holding the Temporary Visa VITEM XIV.

There are several requirements digital workers need to fulfill but the most important ones are

  • Proof of employment with a company based outside of Brazil
  • Provide statements showing a minimum income of $1.500 per month
  • Show a bank balance of $18,000

The sunny South American country has a thriving digital nomad community and rich culture, booming gastronomy scene and an abundance of ecotourism and nature.

Being a digital nomad in Brazil is appealing due to its lower cost of living compared to European countries. Compared to France, Germany and Italy, Brazil is much more appealing due to the cost of food and transportation and other factors including in overall cost of living.  

Weather is also a major driving force as temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit even in the winter, making it a perfect spot to work and play. 

The massive country offers a number of locations to work and live, but for digital nomads these locations are the best to move based on: cost of living, fast Wi-Fi, community and of course, nightlife. 

  • The International hub of Rio de Janeiro
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil’s economic powerhouse
  • The small northeastern beach town of Pipa with recently opened digital nomad village
  • Florianapolis, an island in the south of Brazil
  • The small fishing village of Jericoacora
  • The capital city, Brasilia

Jarone Ashkenazi

About the author

Following being published on Fast Company as well as Wired Innovations Insights, Jarone expanded his writing portfolio to cover luxury travel, goods, unique experiences along with restaurants and lifestyle articles for numerous websites. From luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts and VIP experiences, Jarone has written about exclusive properties only offered to the discerning traveler and consumer. Jarone is a native to Los Angeles and spends his free time traveling, playing sports and is always up for an adventure.

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