November 20


Cape Town Creates Promo Video To Attract Digital Nomads and Remote Workers


November 20, 2021

The Western Cape has launched a new initiative to attract remote workers to Cape Town and the rest of the South African province.

Wesgro, the region’s official tourism agency, teamed with relocation specialists Day One to create an advertising campaign and toolkit that show how easy it is for digital nomads to work in the province.

“There is an abundance of opportunities in Cape Town and the Western Cape, from the vibrant tech sector and connectivity to the cosmopolitan network of professionals from around the globe, making this the destination for those who want to work while also living a little,” explained Wesgro CEO Wrenelle Stander.

The three-phase campaign will use digital platforms to increase awareness and boost tourism.

In a video released on YouTube and other social media platforms, a digital nomad is shown working from the beach while promoting Cape Town’s superior connectivity, abundant coworking spaces and affordability.

“When you can work from anywhere, why not work from here?” he asks.

As a companion to the promo, Wesgro released a guide listing the province’s remote work-friendly attributes, including its low unemployment rate and high number of tech companies.

While this campaign is aimed at South Africans, the Western Cape also wants to become a hot spot for foreign remote workers.

In May, the province officially asked the South African government to introduce a digital nomad visa that would allow foreign nationals to live and work in the country on a long-term basis.

“[International digital nomads are] an important market right now, as this type of tourist is more resilient to the challenges that traditional tourism faces given ongoing travel restrictions,” said David Maynier, the Western Cape’s minister of finance and economic opportunities, in a letter addressed to South African tourism ministers.

Maynier said that foreign remote workers will provide sustainable tourism even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. He also noted that many other countries have already introduced digital nomad visas.


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