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7 Best Digital Nomad Podcasts To Listen To in 2022

By Ana Rodríguez

May 4, 2022

Digital nomads have a different, disruptive lifestyle that gives space for their own literature and audio content. Making a living with new types of jobs, working remotely, moving, and living without a fixed location need quite some strategy, planning, tricks, and use of technology.

However, there is so much to learn about this lifestyle, and we have compiled seven of the best digital nomad podcasts you don’t want to miss. 

Best digital nomad podcasts in 2022

  • The Maverick Show
  • Badass Digital Nomads Podcast
  • Nomad Podcast
  • Building Remotely 
  • Digital Nomad Stories
  • Digital Nomad Café Podcast
  • The Location Indie Podcast

The Maverick Show

Hosted by Matt Bowles, The Maverick Show is a great listen that features various world travelers and location-independent business people.

Bowles and his guests share personal and unique stories about their most epic and exciting adventures. In addition to that, they share actionable tips and advice applicable to travel and adventure and everyday life.

Get to learn about financial success, lifestyle freedom, strategies, location independence, and tactics to accomplish them known by Matt Bowles’ guests. You will also learn how to apply their strategies to improve your life.

Badass Digital Nomads Podcast

This weekly show teaches you how to transition from the conventional workplace to being location-independent. 

Hosted by long-time digital nomad Kristin Wilson, the Badass Digital Nomads Podcast offers lots of nuggets of wisdom from the various guests she brings on board.

Wilson invites guests from different industries and niches with just one thing in common: they work from their laptops. Some are self-made founders, former 9-5 employees and freelancers who travel worldwide. This podcast answers all your questions on working online, flexibility, and travel.

Building Remotely 

Building Remotely

In the Building Remotely Podcast, you learn how to scale a remote company. The host, Sondre Rasch, talks to founders and leaders of remote companies. She is also a founder of SafetyWin, which offers products meant to support nomads. The firm has several products based on adaptable software that anyone from all over the world can use.

Several founders have been on this podcast, and just as many topics have been covered. Some of the discussions Rasch and her guests have had included how to build great products as a remote company, create and revolutionize institutions for a better future and understand your customers as a remote company.

Nomad Podcast

If you’re looking to understand the nomadic lifestyle better, this podcast would be a great place to start. In a series of conversations, Sean Tierney interviews various guests at different stages in their nomadic journey. 

The Nomad Podcast brings over founders, beginner nomads and domain experts for conversations that will help you transition successfully to a nomadic lifestyle. You will also find a step-by-step guide to help you transition to the digital nomad lifestyle. 

Digital Nomad Stories

Digital Nomad Stories is yet another great podcast that offers content on the digital nomad lifestyle. It is an inspiring podcast that brigs over guests to discuss their journeys every week. 

You will hear incredible stories on travel, online business, remote work and personal growth. Anne Claessen interviews digital nomads who tell insightful and inspiring stories about their life and experiences in each episode.

Her talk with Adam Rosen, a founder who sold a tech business to start a new remote venture, is fascinating. Another favorite episode is the interview with Christa Romano, an English teacher who left her job to become an ex-pat in a new country and, later on, set up an online business while traveling worldwide. 

To top it up, you will also get to learn many things, including how to find out which online career works for you.

Digital Nomad Café Podcast

Grab your slice of the digital nomad economy at the Digital Nomad Cafe podcast. This podcast offers digital nomad and entrepreneurship strategies to jumpstart your digital nomad journey. 

Here, you will learn tips and techniques to help you get more clients for your online biz. In addition to that, you will get lessons from experienced digital nomads who are invited in every episode for amazing conversations.

 You will also learn how to get and maintain resources that will enable you to scale your business. The host, Adam Finan, has lots of experience as a digital nomad, and he is equipped with the right skill set for having open, engaging and meaningful conversations.

The Location Indie Podcast

Travis Sherry and Jason Moore host The Location Indie Podcast. In each episode, the two co-hosts have pure and truthful conversations touching on online business, remote work, travel, lifestyle design, etc. As digital entrepreneurs and true nomads, Sherry and Moore provide content to help you find your spot in the industry and travel world. Want to know how to make money from anywhere? Location Indie is a must-listen.

With all the insight the above podcasts offer, you do not want to miss any. So plug into one, if not all, of the podcasts and kickstart your digital nomad life or learn new tricks to improve your location-independent business.

Ana Rodríguez

About the author

Ana is a content manager in different digital projects. Born and raised in Argentina, lived some years in Amsterdam and staying now in Barcelona. She has a short and young career as a historian but she is as passionate about traveling and learning new things.

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