May 11


Lisbon Is Top Destination For Executive Digital Nomads In 2022


May 11, 2022

Lisbon is the best destination for high-earning, long-term digital nomads, according to the 2022 Savills Executive Nomad Index.

UK-based Savills, one of the world’s leading property agents, ranked 15 locations around the world based on their suitability for modern executive remote workers.

Each destination on the list offers either a digital nomad visa program or allows free movement for digital professionals. They also offer nice weather, upscale residential markets and excellent quality of life.

Lisbon topped the list due to its pleasing climate, low air pollution, strong air connectivity, high internet speeds, prime residential rents and high overall quality of life.

“Companies are moving their headquarters to Portugal,” said Ricardo Garcia, head of residential for Savills Portugal. “The area is becoming more and more international. I don’t see Lisbon or Portugal slowing down any time soon.”

Miami ranked second on the index due to its warm weather, beautiful beaches, excellent air connectivity, solid prime real estate market and good digital infrastructure.

A thriving residential market and unrivaled air connectivity helped Dubai place third.

Algarve, Barbados, Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Saint Lucia, Malta and Antigua rounded out the top ten.

Savills defines modern executive nomads as high-earning digital professionals who own property in places like Miami or Lisbon, conduct business over Zoom and fly back to London or New York for quarterly board meetings.

This type of lifestyle has become increasingly popular in recent years as more companies have adopted flexible office policies and more EU countries have launched digital nomad visa programs.

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