August 5


Tarifa Workation September Program (21.9-4.10)

By Johannes Völkner

August 5, 2015

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Date: 21.9- 04.10
Where: Tarifa, Spain (most Southern Point of Europe)
What: Move your office to the beach and join us for activities, networking & events
Tickets: Order here

Do want to take full advantage of your location independent job and spend an amazing time with other digital nomads, location independent entrepreneurs and remote workers? Join us in Tarifa.

Watch the video with many scenes from our last workation and find out more about the next Tarifa Workation (21.9 – 4.10) below.


Workation Program

The idea of the September Workation is to facilitate a larger meet-up for digital nomads and remote workers who simply want to enjoy two weeks together in the same town, and really get to know each other collaborate and learn from each other. All activities are optional and there’ll be a lots of free time as well, so you can get some work done, hang out with other participants or explore other parts o Andalusia.

2015-04-20 19.14.37


Walking Tour: We’ll start the workation with a tour and show you the best restaurants, sights and WiFi hotspots in town. Afterwards we meet up with other workationers who are in town already and watch the sunset in one of the amazing beach bars in town.

Weekly-Dinners: We’ll meet up at the Chrirringuito (Beach Bar) to enjoy a weekly dinner.

2015-04-23 12.48.40

Activity Program: We work with local tour operators, so you can enjoy many of the amazing activities Tarifa has to offer together. Choose if you’d like to join us for kitesurfing, stand up paddeling, take Spanish or yoga lessons, go mountain biking or even learn yoga or watch whales. Most activities will only take place in the afternoon, so you can get some work done in the morning.

Please Note: Cost for many activities are not included the ticket price. Kitesurfing from 25 € p/h, Whale watching 25 €, Horseriding 25 €, Diving from € 80, Mountain biking 25 €, Yoga 10 € and more.

2015-04-29 22.16.20

Concerts & Nightlife: Even in low season there’s always a concert happening in Tarifa and some parties on the weekends. We’ll let you know the program in advance, so you can meet-up with everyone.

Workspace: You’re welcome to use the coworking space at the Workation Camp during the workation at additional cost. Otherwise you can work from home or many of the Wi-Fi cafes. If you’d like to use the coworking space during the workation, please let us know asap so we can secure a spot for you.

Freetime & Evenings:  To coordinate the Workation, we’ll setup a private Facebook group for us. You’re more than welcome to use it to arrange your own meet-ups, dinners etc. there as well and we’ll keep you updated about all other events happening in town. I promise, you’ll never get bored with so many like-minded people in the same town ;-).

Accommodation isn’t included in the price, but we’ll recommend work-friendly accommodation for every budget where you can hang out with other participants. Alternatively you’re welcome to book your own place. Check AirBnB or for good options.


Entrepreneur Program

Additionally to the Workation Program you can join a special program with live talks and dinners in a fantastic venue and a special Mastermind Day that can move your business forward.

Entrepreneur Dinners & Talks
We’ll share two networking dinners (meals included) at an amazing restaurant during the Tarifa Workation. Afterwards two speakers will present a keynote for us.

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Stefan Klumpp – Optimizing for Happiness

Stefan from Germany is the cofounder of Mobile Jazz – a global app development company with 20+ staff. Amongst his clients: Google, Volkswagen & Skyscanner. Stefan manages the company remotely while travelling Europe in his campervan and he’ll share his story, lessons learned on entrepreneurship and remote work with us.


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Matteo Lombardi – Managing a 7 figure business on the road

Matteo runs a global dropshipping business on Amazon. He automized his business using many of the principles mentioned in the Four Hour Work Week he started to travel the world 8 months ago. Since then he worked from Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Israel, Portugal and Spain and continues to grow his business with only a few hours work per day.


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Richard Bradley – Why it’s good to scare yourself every day

Richard from Australia is a saturation diver, ex basejumper and kitesufer. After an almost fatal diving accident he decided to take things easier and started to location independent copywriting business to travel the world with his family. He’s currently based in Tarifa.


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Johannes Voelkner – How to travel the world as a digital nomad

I’ve travelled the world as a digital nomad for the past five years. If I would start again I would do many things very differently. I don’t want you to do the same mistakes so I’ll share many of the lessons I learned including some of the best places I found in my talk.



Mastermind Day (26.9.15)

Is there anything you’re struggling with in your business or you want to achieve but don’t know how? We’ll split up in groups and organize a day with mastermind sessions, where you can get valuable feedback for your business from other entrepreneurs.




What’s included? Workationer Entrepreneur
Walking Tour

2 Dinners (Paella & BBQ)

Activity Program with discounted prices

 2 Networking Dinner & Entrepreneur Talks x

One day Mastermind Session x

Discount on Coworking in September
(depending on availability)


Price (incl. VAT) € 120   € 250

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Book your ticket

Promotion: A limited amount of tickets is available at 30% discount. Use promotion code GET30 to get yours now.

So what’s the best ticket for me? 

Workationer: Do you simply want to hang out with the Workation Camp community and join spontaneous meet-ups and a few activities (kitesurfing, whale watching, mountain biking, Spanish courses and more)? This ticket is for you.

Entrepreneur: Do you run your own location independent business? In that case you’ll get the most value out of the entrepreneur tickets. Besides taking part in the workation activities you can receive valuable feedback from other participants in the mastermind sessions and learn from successful entrepreneurs during our live talks and networking dinners in amazing restaurants in Tarifa (drinks not included).

tarifa kitesurfing

Why join?

– Business and good vibes in one amazing place. I don’t think there’s many better options to finally take full advantage of your location independence

– Getting here from anywhere in Europe will only cost you € 50 for a one way ticket. An amazing possibility to take advantage of your location independence without having to fly all the way to South East Asia.

– Learn essential skills for future workations. Spanish and Kitesurfing in one place ;-).

– Meet many other digital nomads who will join us on the cruise and or escape to other parts of the World in winter.


eBike, pool and Finca

Before & after the workation

You’re more than welcome to join us in Tarifa from the beginning of September. We’ll be arrange many spontaneous meet-ups for us and you can join us for the Feria – the Spanish version of the Octoberfest, which will be happening in Tarifa in the second week of September.

And another piece of advice: Don’t buy a return flight when you come to Tarifa. From my experience most people’s plans change and they end up staying longer.

There are so many great things to do nearby that it’s easy to stay in the area until the digital nomad cruise leaves Europe in November.

Where to go after the workation:

NEW: Check out the eBike workation finca on or from your way to the airport in Malaga

Surf Office Lisbon – Visit one of the most exciting cities for remote work in Europe and hang out with like-minded people at the Surf Office. Lisbon is only 600 km away from Tarifa and very easy to get to. The easiest way to get there is with a stopover in the beautiful town of Seville.

Taghazout Coworking – Move South to Morocco for another amazing workation experience in the upcoming digital nomad surfer town Taghazout.

Explore Andalusia – Seville, Granada, Marbella – There is much more to see around Andalucia than just Tarifa. Remember that rental cars here are only around 5 € per day which make your exploration even easier.



Elmar from Flaks will help to organize the workation but we’re also looking for a few more volunteers to join us. Let me know, if you want to be part as well and help us to make the Tarifa workation a great success!

Got any questions about the workation? Leave a comment or send an email to

Johannes Völkner

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Founder of WebWorkTravel magazine

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